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How To Evolve Your Fitness Through The Years

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Wondering how to change up your workouts and nutrition as you age? 


You’re in luck! On today’s Fit Girl Magic episode, Andi Martin is here to talk all about it. She’ll share her insights on how you can adapt your routine to fit where you are in life – no matter what stage you’re at.

You don’t want to miss this! Andi is full of great advice that will help you stay on track with your health and fitness goals for years to come. So, tune in now and learn everything you need to know about adapting your workout and diet plans.

A little about Andi.. 
Andi Wagner is a self-professed fitness junkie, with a passion for helping women feel and look their best without going to extremes. She lives in Indiana with her husband, Chad, her son, Nash (16), and their 3 dogs.
Andi recently turned 50! She feels she is in her best shape yet, but it hasn’t been easy. She loves sharing her story with other 40+ women, to let them know they are not alone, and being fit as we age is possible!

Andi and I have both gone through this, and we have clients who are just like this and have evolved with us through our journeys.  But some are still clinging to what worked in 2012 and it is just not going to work, our bodies have changed so what we are doing has to change as well.

When Andi was 26, “I had all the time, but now as we are older, NOBODY has that time anymore.” Or they don’t want to make time for all of that. And on top of that.. I thought I knew it all back then, and I wish I knew then what I know now!  Now I work smarter, not harder. Trends do change, back then, cardio was the thing, and we followed that the trend! But now I don’t do a lot of cardio, just a little, and I focus on strength training as a majority of my workouts.

If I competed today, I would do it differently. We worked so hard back when we were training, that my body was constantly inflamed from all of the crazy workouts.  Now, I am in competition shape year-round, and would just need a few weeks to get ready to compete!   And that is because I am not so inflamed all the time and I don’t beat my body into a pulp anymore! But when you are in the moment, it’s hard to think that the way you are going about your work out just isn’t good. Now I work out when I can, where I can fit it in with my son and his schedule and I take my things with me on the go and do what I can when I can!

Let’s talk to old Andi! 
Old Andi had anxiety…. Saw a busy schedule and you would have freaked out! The old Andi didn’t have as many things, but there was always stress trying to figure out the eating!  How was I going to stick to my healthy eating while running all over the place? I lived on protein bars and protein shakes back then, not so much now, but I lived on convenience eating!

Now, when we travel, most hotels have a decent gym, but what most people have to separate themselves from, is that it is not going to be like what you have at home, but something is better than nothing.  And when we travel for baseball, the other moms want to do a boot class together or a workout and we do it!  Eating out is fine too because you just have to know what to order. I am not freaking out now if there isn’t a refrigerator in a room because I know what to get when I go out!  I know the right things to order.

I do, however, allow myself 2 meals of whatever each week! I eat whatever I want, and this mentally keeps me looking forward to something!  Because I LOVE FOOD, I don’t want to miss out on those yummy things I can’t always get, so I work it in!  And it works for me because if you tell me I can’t have something, I am going to want it more!

As you move through this phase of life, is there one thing you say to yourself that you need to do mentally to make you feel like you are moving the ball forward?
Workouts, I have at least 5 a week and take 2 days off.  Rest days, to me, are just as important as workout days. That was something that was really hard for me to grasp back in the day.  25 years ago, just like anything else, we thought more was better!

For my rest days, I go for a walk, and I am still active, but I just am not lifting weights or doing organized workouts.  Then on my 5 days, I try to lift heavy weights, (heavier than I ever did) and I add in a little cardio for my heart health.

For nutrition, I am getting my protein every day, with every meal, then I have those 2 off meals a week. These off meals are never less than 2 but sometimes I have 3 a week.

And another thing I have to do to keep the ball moving forward is I will always advocate for myself when it comes to my health. If something feels off and someone says, “oh it’s your age!”….  NO! Advocate for yourself and find a doctor to advocate for you too because this is just as important as taking care of your fitness and what you put in your body.

Off-Plan Meals… Let’s talk about them! 
In your week you have 2 off-meal plans! And let’s just be honest, we don’t have those spontaneous things happening as much as they used to when we were younger. For the most part, you know where you will be on any day of the week.  These off-plan meals aren’t a lose-your-shit day, it’s just an off-plan meals!  One of my meals is an off-plan meal and the rest of the day is normal. I still do my workouts, etc. on those days, everything is normal. Just those meals I have what I want.  Another thing with them, is  
I try not to get that stuffed feeling, I enjoy my meal then I move on! I don’t ever feel guilty, I enjoy every single bite and I am good to go!  

If I do have an event or banquet one week, I will use that meal as 1 of my off meals.  And if I end up having 3 off meals instead of 2, I don’t stress over it. If it’s more than that, then I will just find the best choices, protein, and vegetables at that event.

Andi 2.0 – Are you still eating 5 meals a day? 
Now.. the last thing… We grew up having 5 meals a day. 5 meals or you will die! Now as you reach Andi 2.0… Are you still eating those 5 meals a day?

I do 3 or 4 meals per day, but it really just depends on the day and how early I get up.  So, I am definitely having 3 some, but some days 4.  And if it is 4, they are not big meals… If it’s 4 it’s 2 regular-size meals and 2 snacks.  Can you believe that there were times I used to eat 6 times a day and I just can’t do that anymore? I am not burning as many calories each day as I used to, so I don’t need to eat so much. I don’t need to eat so many calories and so many meals now.  If I ate 6 meals a day, I would actually gain weight now, there would be no benefit of it.

If you guys want to learn more about Andi and all she is doing, definitely go and follow her on Instagram and Facebook! (you can find those links below!)  You can also find her and Aubrey Worek on their online challenges they are doing on occasion. They just wrapped up a 6-week challenge and have a 3-week coming up and a holiday challenge, so follow along with her to learn more about that! And launching in 2023 will be her new YouTube channel! If you are local to Andi (Indianapolis), she hosts Camp Wagner in her barn at her house with a bunch of ladies and her classes are so fun!!

“One of my other jobs is a collaboration with my longtime fitness friend, Aubrey Worek. We have a company called Strong Sexy You and we run 4–8-week virtual programs to help women get on track and stay on track with a healthy lifestyle. In addition to providing workouts and nutrition guidelines, we do live weekly coaching to provide strategies, debunk myths, share current research, and just give support. Our next program is coming soon!”  Find the link below!

What is one thing that makes you feel magical? 
I have some things and people around me that make me feel magical. I have my husband, my son, and my 3 dogs, and when my son and husband give me hugs, I feel magical! But I also feel magical when my clients and the people I am working with have success and tell me that I have made a difference in their life! We have a lot more power than we realize in the gift we can give people, and nothing makes me feel better!


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