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How To Exercise On Vacation

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Exercise At Least Half The Days You Are Away

Make it a goal to exercise at least half the days you are away. If you,re going to be gone for a week, plan on fitting some sort of exercise in at least four of the days you are gone. Not only will this make you feel better and give you more energy, but being in a new place also offers the opportunity to try different workouts that you normally wouldn,t at home. If you are using to working out at the gym there are so many things you can do outside.

Run or Walk on the Beach

Not everyone has the opportunity to watch the sunrise and/or fall over the ocean every day, and taking a run or walking on the beach at sunrise or sunset can be a breathtaking break from your normal daily run. Bring your camera because you,ll see some amazing sunrises or sunsets!!!

Rent a Bike

Many vacation spots offer bike rentals and renting a bike for the day or joining a guided tour is a great way to fit in some exercise while seeing things in an entirely new perspective. Pedaling around town is a great way to see the place you are visiting and an awesome way to explore foreign soil. A guided bike tour will give you some history of the town and also offer ideas of different things to do and see while in the area.

Track your steps

Get in steps. This is my favorite one. I live for my walks and vacation walks are the best because they are in typically nicer places than my house. Movement is just as important as anything. You will burn more calories while you are walking than by actual exercise.


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