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How To Explore Spirituality

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Have you ever met a person and when you met them, the universe shifted and you knew you were supposed to meet that person, on that day.. at that exact moment’ They were supposed to show up in your life and you were supposed to meet them and form a relationship!  You could feel it the moment they spoke or the moment you connected, and in your heart, it just felt right! This person had to be in my life! 


That is how it felt when I met Narayani Gaia for the first time.  She is that person that makes you stop and take a deep breath.. Heck, she may even TELL YOU to take a deep breath!  You feel good when you are around her and you just want to soak in all and everything that she has to say. You feel an instant connection and what she speaks resignations deep in your heart even if you don’t know what she is even talking about!!  And I had the pleasure of sitting down with her to get all the juicy info on how to explore your spirituality! And guys, there is sooo much more to it then what we were just able to talk about, we only just scratched the surface of it… 

For the past 20 years, Narayani has been on the path of service as a transformational guide and a woman of prayer. She is the founder of Awakened Life School and is currently writing her first book on embodied awakening. 

As a child, Narayani (like many others) wanted to understand where things came from, food, clothes, things, etc. And what was missing was the teachings that everything comes from the Earth… She sensed the invisible world. Narayani thought there was someone else here, that she could feel energy and spirits but didn’t have the context to understand who that was until she read the book Are You There God’ It’s Me, Margaret. https://amzn.to/2SOm5CZ So she began to follow her intuitions of seeking more information.  Not just psychological understandings, but spiritual and energetic as well. And this seeking led her down the path of searching out other seekers to find out what was really going on in this world aside from what she had grown up knowing.  

Narayani learned of energy and its healing powers and the spirituality of it and came to a realization that it’s not just limited to people to people, but it opens up this connection to the universe.   

When exploring your spirituality, and looking for change within yourself.. this is not a quick fix to find who we are and our evolutionary purpose.  You aren’t going to have just one purpose; you will have many. So, life is really a matter of unfolding those Russian Dolls or peeling back the layers of an onion.   

We experience these purposes or layers of life at different times, through different rhythms, or different cycles like menstruation, marriage birth, death, sexual initiation, giving birth, divorce, career, etc. And we have different initiations in our lives to teach us about growing and learning to become a better version of ourselves.  Those who choose to grow and choose to keep going will continue cleansing physically and/or spiritually. It is not easy, but by peeling back each of those layers you will see how beautifully the inner light emerges.. You will begin to experience a transformation within yourself and see a difference in yourself and your mindset. 

There is so much more to this world then we can actually see. Sometimes we can feel it in energy, and we can feel that we are on the verge of a transformation, but we are stuck on this cliff or at the edge of this forest and not sure which path to take. We know that there is more for us and we can feel that there is more, but we just do not know what to do or how to move forward.  And Narayani gave me some AH-mazing info to help us when we are feeling stuck at the edge of that forest!  

I am finishing this with a list of things you should do If you are stuck on that cliff.  Now they do not have to go in this order, but take a look at these things that Narayani suggested and let them sink in. Read them over and over and use them as your guide to starting your journey.  And if you have any questions, please reach out to myself or Narayani to help guide you in the right direction!  

What to do if you are on the edge of that cliff or forest and not sure where to go or what to do…. 

  • Search within yourself to find what is it that you are you starting/seeking’  
  • Are you seeking truth, the meaning of life, who you are’ 
  • Clearly define what you are seeking. 
  • If it is difficult to name what you want because the people around you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about, reach out to people like us who get it!  
  • Honor yourself. Your feelings your needs your beliefs, what works for you and what doesn’t work. 
  • Connect to earth and mother earth and explore your root chakras. 
  • Work with clearing yourself and getting present to be able to access your vision.  
  • Practice self-love and unconditional love in your own heart. Once you love yourself, you can truly love people authentically outside of codependency. 
  • Clear all the shit and detox the energy field that may be still being run by unconscious ancestral beliefs, limitations, etc. 
  • Open up to the vision and start asking the right questions from your intuition from your guides. 
  • Work with the earth and your body.  Find a fitness system or regime that works for you as well as your diet and your lifestyle so that you can connect with yourself and your feeling body, which will help you to learn to de-code your feelings and what they really mean.  
  • Have that Inner belief- What is meant for you won’t pass you by.  
  • Follow what lights you, follow what inspires you.. 
  • If there is someone who has something that you want, find out what they are doing. And if it resonates with you and it’s ethical, do it! Even if you’re scared. 
  • It is ok to be scared, but do not move forward with what it is that you want because you are afraid. You have to act even if you are scared! 
  • Follow your heart… The heart DOES NOT life and love is what we are essentially made of! 

What would love say… what would love do… You cannot go wrong with yourself if you follow your heart.  

There is soooo much more that we could talk about with this, but there is so much goodness here and in my podcast with Narayani that can help to start your journey.  You can do it magic makers, you can take that first step forward, I just know it!    

Be sure to check out Narayani on Facebook and Instagram and you can get your Free Gift from her for all of my listeners and readers! And definitely reach out to her! She’s a wealth of knowledge and so talented!  


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