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How To Follow Your Travel Dreams

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Allison Sharpe is a multi-passionate Travel Mentor & Courage Coach based in Southern California. She utilizes various platforms to encourage and inspire people to get out and live. She joined me on Fit Girl Magic to talk about her love for travel and how she helps people make their journey easier and more enjoyable.

Allison’s first trip to Europe could have been a disaster, but instead she chose to learn from every obstacle, every setback, and every victory. On that trip, she has learned, “God has everything under control. That kind of centers me through the whole thing a bit. But the second biggest thing is that fear is a liar, fear is really a liar. If there’s nothing else that you do in life, I would recommend highly trying to work through getting past the illusion that everything is scary, everything is you should be fearful.”

Though not originally intending to do so, Allison did that first trip solo. And even though she thinks everyone should solo travel at some point, she is a strong believer of connection and loves having someone to shares her journey and the memories with.

After traveling all over the world in the last year, Allison is working on a travel mentorship during which she helps remove the obstacle of knowing where to start, alter their mindset, and plan their trip, their way. She’s not a travel agent and doesn’t book trips. She’s simply a woman who loves to travel beyond tourist spots and wants to  help others do the same. Allison creates “a unique experience that’s catered to them”

But before the travel planning can begin, Allison says she usually has to work with people on their mindset, there are two main things, it’s either you have internal pressure, or you have external pressure. Neither of them are good, both of them need to be worked through.

“People are super into this, ‘I need to stay busy’ mentality,” she says believing that there are two main reasons why people don’t know how to rest:
1.Internal Pressure 

2. External Pressure.

Allison suggests that individually and collectively we need to learn to relax and remove ourselves from the hamster wheel to get rid of (or at least reduce) the internal Pressure. As for the external pressure, we have to release ourselves from the needs to meet other people’s implied or bonafide expectation. Our lives can’t be built on the stories other put on us. We have to write our own stories.

If we can create a workable plan that includes time to relax and removes the pressure to perform, our travel time will be a lot more enjoyable and memorable.

Allison shared more tips during our conversation on the Fit Girl Magic podcast.

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