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How To Have A Stress Free Summer| 148

Summertime is the perfect time to relax and enjoy yourself, but it can also be a time of stress. Today’s Fit Girl Magic podcast I talk with four fitness lovin’ women who will help you stay healthy and stress-free this summer. From weight loss advice to ways to de-stress, these tips are sure to help you have a great summer!

This is Amy from #boocrew and #boorunclub. My advice to you is to just keep hustling this summer. Make sure that you hydrate.  Make sure that you stretch and meditate. Give yourself grace. And be sure not to pass up those opportunities to have fun and meet up with family and friends!  Get out there, and just keep going. And continue to be absolutely incredible just as you are!

It’s Christine Meister Mosta from Fit, Not Skinny! My number one tip to enjoy summer stress-free is to just enjoy summer stress-free.  You don’t have to live in a state of awareness, worried about every alcoholic drink, every sweet treat, or every indulgence that you have in the summer!  It’s a time to socialize and feel good in your own skin. So, my number one tip is this!

Now go and enjoy your time with your friends and your family. Because those times have been limited in the last couple of years.  Get out there and do what it takes to feel good. If that means training, walking, reaching out to people, self-educate to feel good.

And if you do go out and you have a few drinks, is that really going to ruin your efforts? You may feel like it has been from diets in the past. But do you have to worry about that? No, because at the end of the day, it’s what you do next that really counts.

It’s whether you hydrate, move, and eat nutritiously most of the time.  Sure, you can outdo your efforts, but all good if it’s during the week and enjoying a little too much on the weekend. You should be fine.  So, balance is key here and we say the word balance so often. But making yourself feel bad about celebrating, having a few drinks, and treats with your friends and family is going to get you off track faster than if you just eat nutritiously, sleep well, and most of the time, eat well.

Have fun with your friends. Have the occasional treats that you enjoy and just don’t stress about it. Then go back to your normal self-happy life. Have a great summer girls!


Hi everyone, this is Jacqueline Macmillan, Admin for the Super Newbies Peloton Group page.  One health tip I have to help you enjoy a stress-free summer is to do something that makes you happy!! Reading, spending time outdoors in nature, swimming, going to a concert, or grilling out with friends and family.  Whatever it may be that brings you peace, joy, and a great big smile on your face. You should do more of it, as it is a way to relax and reset your mind! Enjoy the free time you get outside of your normal routine.

This is Lauren Bradley from Lauren Bradley Coaching. And I have a really simple, healthy summer tip for you.  And it is to drink more water!  Now I know it’s something that you probably hear all the time or read all the time. But it’s one of those things that we hear and then we don’t execute on it because it doesn’t seem as important as other things.

But water not only helps us stay hydrated but also helps keep our hunger at bay, it helps our muscles grow and function, and it keeps everything moving throughout our body. And if we’re living in a constant state of dehydration, we’re going to have less energy interrupted sleep, increased food cravings, and feelings of hunger, even when we might just be thirsty.  When these feelings come up, we’re more inclined to grab another coffee or maybe a quick boost of sugar, like a protein bar or like a muffin at Starbucks.

But what I want to urge you to do especially in the summer months, when it’s hotter out, and a little more humid, is to try water first.  Drink a couple of glasses, give it like 15-20 minutes or so and then check back in with those cravings and with your energy and see what’s changed.

Now as you increase your water intake, you’re gonna have to go to the bathroom more, but that’s fine, it will even out over time. So what I coach my clients to do is if you don’t want to track ounces of water, which who does because who has time for that, you just have to look at the color of your urine. It should be light like a pale-yellow color. But if you are somebody who likes to track numbers, drink half of your body weight in ounces of water.

And I’ll give you a little bonus tip.  My favorite water tip is water before coffee.  So first thing in the morning you get up, you go brush your teeth and while your coffee is brewing or you’re making your tea, drink 16 ounces of water. It can be seltzer water, it can be flavored water, anything you want water with a little lemon in it. Start your day off hydrated and you’re going to watch your energy skyrocket and your cravings diminish!  Have a happy healthy summer

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