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3 Ways To Lose Weight Over 40 pt. 2

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Okay. So, the next thing here is you have to create a plan. Oh, sorry, you have to, you have to prep. And in my mind that is creating a plan. The plan is, what is the process that you’re going to use. So many of women will set this goal of like, I want to lose 200 pounds, I want to lose 20 pounds, I would lose five pounds. We’ve all said that, some point in our lives. But nobody says, What are they looking to achieve’ This is what we want. This what we looking to achieve’ By doing this goal’ Are you looking to feel more confident’ Are you looking to look better in our clothes’ Are we looking to wear everything in your closet’ Am I going on a beach vacation and want to look my best so that I don’t feel the need to be covering up things strategically’ ””

It comes back to this. Your why and then what’s the process’ What are the actual steps that you’re going to take’ What are you going to focus on, right’ So that, you know, these little, small steps are going to start to add up’ That’s where you will start to see results’ I say this regularly, each night when I brush my teeth in the mirror, I asked myself, how did today go’ Sometimes I will say, I could have done this a little bit better today. Or you know what’ I crushed it. This isn’t an invite to beat the crap out myself. It is just, it’s constructive feedback to yourself.

That’s an excuse me for me to ask myself what could I have done differently’ Sometimes I try to bite off more than I can chew. I try to do 400 things all in the same day. Then when I don’t get all 400 things done, I ask myself Who the heck do you think you are’ You know, that you are really good when you pick three things. And if you hit those three things, ”” you can move on to the fourth thing.

I have a client who trying to do so much, because she sees other people other people around her crushing it. She beats herself because she feels she’s not hustling enough. My response to her is what’s your path’ what’s your plan’ I was like this too, so frustrated by what I thought was someone else success, but I came to learn, that comparison is the theft joy.

I shared with my client if she really wanted to find success, she had to focus on what she s trying to achieve, and where the does she want to go. Because you don,t know where the other person is trying to go. You don’t even know how long they’ve been doing it. They may have been doing it for 20 years. And here you are just starting. You’ve get the water out from behind my ears.

The same thing can be said about nutrition. You know, it’s so many people will tell me, they can go to the gym all day every day. Like that’s the easiest thing but food. ”” Here’s why I always tell my clients, you have to have a 24-hour plan. Minimum. Some people can plan the whole week or others feel like if I planned the whole week, it just doesn’t give me a lot of flexibility. But if I plan to 24 hours I’m sitting down on a Monday and mapping out, what’s happening Tuesday, what am I eating for breakfast’ what am I eating for lunch’ What am I eating for dinner’ When am I working out today’ What am I working on today, put that in your calendar, like an appointment, you can’t break.

I plan out my week. As far as my workouts I sit down every Sunday, and put it in my calendar.
Monday morning 7am this is what I’m doing.Tuesdays my rest day. Wednesday, I’m doing this and so on. I can move things when things come up, but it’s in my calendar. I take the thinking out so I’m not wondering Oh, am I gonna workout tomorrow’ I have set an intention of what is going to happen on that particular day. Same thing with a 24-hour plan.

Here’s how it works with food. I know many aren’t down with meal prep. I don’t sit down and have those perfectly like bundled foods like you see on social media. You know what I’m talking about where you have some chickens and broccoli and brown rice in about 4 containers all measured out.I don’t do that, that makes me feel very like pigeonholed. For me. The plan is more about, I know in my fridge, there’s cooked chicken, meatballs, there is some quinoa, butternut squash, and I have a whole plethora of other vegetables that I can decide on the fly. I have them already ready to go. I can say okay, today I’m going to have chicken, butternut squash, broccoli, boom, throw it in the microwave, it’s good to go. Or, hey, tomorrow I’m gonna have I feel like having a salad, the chickens there and have all the salad fixings so that it gives me the flexibility I crave.

That may feel like too much for some of you, so here is another idea double cooking dinner. Whatever I make for dinner tonight, that’s what’s going to be dinner tomorrow or lunch the next day, depending on what I have going on. It makes things a little bit easier because now I have a plan to follow versus going by the ebbs and the flows of my day.

How are you about making a plan’ Do you just let the day happen’ Does thought of making a plan overwhelm you’

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