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How To Own Your Body and Your Style

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Carrie has always loved style. She believes that fashion is just the clothes you wear but style is has more to do with how you feel about your body. When she was younger, she always wanted to be a model but was considered by the industry to be “too big” but also not big enough to be a plus sized model, so she turned to movies and film. She loved the creative process but her body wasn’t made for working on movie sets. Carrie began teaching doctors nutrition and reversing health conditions by using lifestyle and medicine. She had her own health journey after breaking her back at 18 years old. She’s been navigating that health journey for the last 25 years. After her last surgery, a hysterectomy, she wanted to a solid purpose and be enthusiastic about what she was doing. It had to involve creativity Carrie believed that art can show up in so many ways. She began being asked to style their photo shoots, magazine gigs, etc.

At the career crossroads

Women often face an identity crisis of how do show up in their own clothes at home and going out into the world. Carrie’s mother was an interior designer, so she was trained from the age of four how to look at color, look at structure from an aesthetic point of view, not only in the home but on the body. She has all this creative influence but no credibility. She spent time building credibility until she could monetize it. She wasn’t making a lot of money but she didn’t need to make a lot of money, she needed to be fulfilled.

Identity and building a personal image

Identity is one of the biggest things that women lack when they’re trying to build a personal image. How people will recognize them and how they can have timeless style. Carrie doesn’t believe in trends. Trends are a system to stimulate the economy. When looking at identity with her clients she moves beyond the trends the last thing you want to do is look at a magazine and say this is what I need to go shopping. You want to look at your body and how you feel, where you live, what industry you’re in or going into, what the architecture of your body is. Everyone is different. There is a whole emotional balance to wearing clothing.

Knowing your edges, what are your style boundaries

How edgy do you want to be’ You want to look at creating statements but in a simple way so that they are following the lines of your body but you’re also listening to the physical signs of your body. It is all about having the confidence to embrace the look.

Reclaiming the body, having a breakthrough with your own body image

We’re taught to look in the mirror see our bodies by size and judge if they are big or small enough. Carrie teaches women to feel into their energies and emotions. It depends on your relational value to the quality of the fabric and the cut. She has her clients ask: What does my body need to be effect and powerful as possible today’ Where do I need support’ Where do I need to release energy’ Where do I need to be protected and where do I need to enhance my energy’

Create your identity, claim your style archetype

It’s about sending a vision into the future. It is individual to everyone. Who do you really want to be and who are you becoming’ Carrie works with women to help them apply clothing based on how you feel and how you need to feel.

Starting with Carrie’s process

Carrie process starts with a body image breakthrough. It’s a process to help you reclaim your body, it’s a process that helps you to better understand your energy, emotions and core story. Carrie helps you to find what in your story is blocking your body from showing up powerfully. Carrie believes that everyone is a brand, you have an image to uphold. Allowing yourself to step into your powerful presence is important for all women.


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