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How do you give yourself a reset’ Now, in the past I’ve talked about rebooting and refocusing, so let’s talk about how you can do that! How do you break from just walking through the motions of life’ I have 5 simple ways for you to reset your wellness and you can get started today and I have all the faith in the world in you that you can do these.


(Grab the downloadable checklist Here so that you can check off the boxes as you assess your life!)

In order to do a reset, you need to know where you are.. What are the changes we have to make in our lives’ And don’t think of these as all massive changes. These can be simple, small changes. It is so easy for us to get caught up in the daily habits and routines of our life, that you spend 40% of our day JUST DOING stuff because that is what you do! This reset can help us pause and reflect on our lifestyles to see where you need improvement and where you are totally crushing it!

In this blog, I will give you a process to help you get through the reset. 5 simple ways to help you through it. You don’t need to do these all at the same time to get all the benefits, take a look at where you feel you can start, where is the low man on the totem pole and where are you doing a good job at’

So today you are going to look at these 5 areas They are Physical Health, Mental Health, Spiritual Health, Environment, and your Personal Life Choices.

The first you are going to take a look at is our Physical Health. And this encompasses moving our bodies as well as what you put into our bodies. So how can you come up with balance vs restriction and control’ When you don’t restrict and control, you feel like you are failures. Does this sound right” You don’t have control and motivation because you are doing the hard stuff! Let me say that again’. YOU ARE DONE RESTRICTING AND JUST DOING THINGS BECAUSE THEY ARE HARD!!

Instead of picking hard stuff, let’s focus on easy stuff! When it comes to nutrition, let’s stop giving up everything and focus on what can I add” Instead of giving up, let’s come up with a way to add things so you can eat more that way you don’t feel like you are dieting! Today, you are going to break up with that desperate diet mindset. I want you to aim for balance and NOT PERFECTION. Find something that is challenging but doable.

Nobody is perfect when it comes to nutrition, it just sets us up for failure if you try to be perfect. Instead of trying to find a perfect place, let’s find ways to beef up what you are doing. 80% healthy 20% fun foods is what you should aim for. Make sure you have food in the house. And take the time to go grocery shopping. You can also try out different meal kits to make yourself if you struggle with coming up with things to cook. There are plenty of options out there to pick from. Just remember to think about what is going to work best for us and get healthy foods into our bodies on a daily basis.

Movement is another part of physical health! Do you see how I said movement and not workout’ For some people, working out can be a challenge to do in their life. Instead find things that are enjoyable to get you to move your body. (Check out this podcast I did about ‘What Makes A Great Workout’ to learn more about different ways to get in movement into your days.)

Find something you ENJOY! Movement should be able to do what you love and have fun with it! I love walking! But if I want to change my body comp, I have to strength train, AND you don’t have to go to the gym to do this. You can do it at home! How do you do things that you like and enjoy so that you will keep doing them. That is what you want to focus on when it comes to moving your body so that you WANT to move your body.

Sleep goes right along with our physical health as well! This is another place that people will put on the back burner. One of my most popular podcasts is all about sleep and you can listen to that Here! So, I highly recommend listening to it.

You tell yourself you are going to sleep when you are dead. Ladies’ You need 7 hours of sleep. That is, it!! So, I am challenging you today to make sleep a priority. At the end of the day, you have to decide if you want to be a zombie the next day’ Are you really getting good stuff done the next day if you don’t sleep well’ That might mean no more late nights, or only work late 2 nights a week and 3 nights you set an alarm to go to bed! You make it work but get more sleep! When I get sleep, I have a healthier mind and body.

So do a checklist of your sleeping arrangements. How is the mattress’ Pillows’ Bedding’ Too hot’ Scrolling on socials’ Cozy environment’ Bedtime ritual to help you wind down. Find a bedtime ritual for you, one that works for you to help you get to sleep at night that will build conducive sleep!

How is your Mental Health’ You may feel more stress and anxiety than you have ever felt with RONA times. There is sooo much uncertainty, so during this reset, you have to take the time to take our mental health into account. (Anxiety Episode) And what that entails is getting to the root cause of both of these things.

[ If you are taking supplements for stress and anxiety these are going to just act as band aids, so if you do not know the root cause of it, they are just band aids to cover it up!]

Getting to the root cause is so important! So, one thing that I recommend that has helped me is by doing a brain dump to find out what is going on up in your head! So. that means you WRITE! There is something about the brain writing connection that makes it so much better. So, practice doing a brain dump and just write down anything and everything that comes to mind. What do I need to say, what do I need to hear’

Journaling has been the shift for me that has forced me to really commit to something. Every day I sit down and write out what is truly going on in my brain, so I am able to process it better. VS just letting my perception run wild in my brain. I journal in the morning with my coffee, wherever I am. Sometimes it’s for 5 minutes, sometimes it’s not. But I try to journal in the morning and it’s my KIM time. It’s my daily self-care, it’s my daily brain massage. 5 minute journal

One huge mistake you make as women and moms is that you do not target self-care as being important or a necessity. You are doing so much as moms and always making sure everyone is taken care of. You are taking care of everyone so what are you doing for you’ Self-care has no rules. Your self-care routine is YOURS and what you consider to be self-care. Just set aside 15 minutes or even 5 minutes for yourself every day to do something for you. Read a book, journal, take a walk alone, sit in the pantry or closet alone, take a 10-minute nap, drink your coffee in a quiet house before everyone wakes up, take a bath, listen to a podcast, whatever it is that makes you feel refreshed.
It’s not too much to ask! You have to put the life mask on you before you can for anyone else!

Check in’ Look at your goals. What did you say 5 years ago you wanted to do’ What did you say in the beginning of the year you wanted to do’ Are these someday goals’
What is someday to you’ Ask yourself these questions and let’s make a plan to start moving towards them. Work your REPS when it comes to setting goals.

R – Are they realistic’
E – Are you excited’
P – Can you make a plan for it in your life’
S – And at the end of the day.. Is it sustainable’

What do you want to do” Because guess what’ If I aim at nothing, I will always hit it’

Our Spiritual Health can mean a few different things. When it comes to Spirituality, this word brings up a bunch of different thoughts. This is more about finding purpose and meaning in life. What makes you happy’ What brings you joy’ What lights you up from the inside out’ What feeds your soul’ Take 5 minutes to think about what brings you joy.
What’s your goal’ That is your spirituality’ If you opened that box, would you just light up’

Gratitude brings us back to journaling and writing down what you are grateful for every day. What are you grateful for in your life’ This helps bring in the spiritual awakening and helps open some locked doors. Because guess what”’ You can’t be pissed off and grateful!! AM I RIGHT!’ Journaling daily what you are grateful for is a great way to get in that writing. So write down what you are grateful for and WHY!

Our Environment can also mean a few things, but this is about your physical environment. House, where you work, etc. First thing you want to do is to organize and declutter your environment. (And ladies, I am long overdue for a good office declutter!) But pick a room and start there’ 10 minutes a day is all you need to get through as much as you can! And simply do a little each day.

If something I have doesn’t have a home.. Does it need to be in your home’ Purge it! Get organized. Are things in the right places’ Seasonal purging of closets or household things that you don’t use anymore is really a great way to stay on top of it! If your environment always makes you feel cluttered, you are not going to feel like doing anything. Marie Kondo the shit out of the house if you need to! Haha

Personal Life Choices or our Lifestyle is the last thing I want to speak on. I am looking at the whole picture now! One thing you are doing is you are checking into our finances. Do you look at your money’ Does your money make you feel good’ What is your current financial situation’ What are your future financial goals’ Save money’ Go on vacation’ Buy a house’

RONA has taught us you need people, so have you made time to nurture our relationships, now that you have less restrictions’ Have you gone back to nurturing these relationships’

As you are looking through our lives, are you looking at how you are doing’ So many people feel like they are failing, but how do you know’ Unless you look at it! Check off where you are crushing it and where you aren’t. And listen, it is totally ok not to crush ALL THE THINGS all the time! But you have to know what areas need attention in order to get attention. Lean in and say, do I want better’ Do I want something different’

It’s not about the new year, it’s not about Monday, it’s about HOW YOU FEEL! If every day I am not feeling good on myself, energized, lit up on the inside, lighting my soul on fire. THEN, I have to start thinking about how to make myself feel happy. Check in. How do I make myself feel alive”’ Not just making it through a day because making it through a day gets old pretty fast.

My goal was to get you to start thinking. Thinking where you can make an adjustment into your life. Remember they don’t have to be huge; they can be small. Small adjustments are always better than trying to make one massive leap!

Keep it small and you will keep it all!


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