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What You Ought To Know About Hypnosis

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I have been fascinated with this topic for a while and I had to finally make the time to talk about it.  And that is Hypnosis!  It is such an interesting modality that so many people are confused about, they think of hypnosis in this specific way, but there is so much more to it.  My good friend Julie Costa has all the information on it, and she talks about hypnosis in a very approachable way!  Anyone can understand and I love her approach to it.  Many of us get caught up in this is what I do, and you don’t think about WHY you do it. It’s just I am doing my thing and that is it.  But have you fully considered WHY do you do the things you do. It’s your , conscious and subconscious minds to make you do those things, and that’s where the hypnosis modality to help change things comes into play.


Julie Costa has had her own really amazing experience and transformation with hypnotherapy and subconscious reprogramming.  She’s a Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Subconscious Success Coaching she’s able to support people in transforming their lives and businesses. Julie believes that once you reprogram the limiting beliefs that hold you back, the sky’s the limit!!

Did you know…
80% of our daily activity is just WHAT WE DO.  And you don’t even think about it. You repeat it so much that it’s consciously ingrained in us. Subconsciously you are taking in 2.3 million bits of data per second through all of our senses.  Then that information is filtered through our conscious mind, based on our beliefs, values, identity, etc. Once this is done, it presents to you consciously 126 bits of information every second. Which is still too much for our conscious mind to hold!  But this filtered information shows you in your version of what you believe to be true. Now, if you adjust those filters, you will come out with a different version of reality or a different perspective.

This is all happening from a young age as well.  Your imprinting years are from zero to seven years old.  Your conscious mind has not formed yet, so you are just taking everything in subconsciously.  A lot of the time you are thinking well this is the way it is, this is true.  This is such an important time because you are taking in everything subconsciously, just watching, listening, and taking it all in so that when your conscious mind forms, it helps to shape your view and perspective of things.

Julie’s work that she does involves Hypnosis, EFT, NLP, and some other subconscious reprogramming stuff. (Timeline therapy) So let’s dive into what each of those are!

It’s not mind control or making you do something you don’t want to do. There are 2 parts of your mind: the conscious, the analytical logic, always thinking.  And the subconscious mind and in hypnosis, we are working with that part of the mind. Your subconscious is highly moral and ethical. And if I were to tell you to do something and your subconscious mind isn’t aligned with it, your subconscious will dismiss it.

All hypnosis is in a nutshell, is getting into a really relaxed state so that your overthinking analytical mind quiets down so that you are able to work with your subconscious.  And then it is installing new, empowering beliefs and suggestions to support the life you want, the business you want, and the goals you want to achieve.
We are getting your ego out of the way.  Your conscious mind is the goal-setter, and the subconscious mind is the goal-getter!

Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping. This involves tapping on different meridian points on your body, eyebrows, side of eye, head, etc. It’s a jolt to the system. So, you are repeating a few things about how you are feeling. Then you start reframing everything with positive affirmations and positive thoughts.  By tapping on those different meridian points on your body you are shifting the energy and how you are feeling.  It also short-circuits your ego to get into the subconscious mind as well.
The benefit of tapping can help in certain moments while you are driving, etc. so that you can do it anywhere.  This is more location dependent.

Neuro-linguistic Programming. How we consistently communicate with our mind to get the results we want. This involves the subconscious mind. With NLP there are a lot of different modalities we can do with people.  The bulk of it starts with language. Specific questions to help coach people, modalities you can do in 5-10 minutes. Things you can do quickly.

What led you down this path to explore the subconscious mind?
Never set out thinking that I would be doing this.  I was burnt out in my business which kind of led to a mini depression.  I found this program, had certifications but wasn’t interested in that. Was more interested in a personal transformation. I had no idea what I was getting myself into at all. In my practitioner training, I had no idea what was going on, but I wanted to keep learning more. So, I went for master practitioner training.  People began asking me about what I was doing, and I saw this need for it.  So that was when I decided I needed to sign up for learning how to train people on this and work with people on this.  The more I learned about this and the more I saw what it did for my personal and professional life, I just knew more people had to hear about this. I walked out of that journey with about 6 different certifications but Hypnosis resonated the most with me so that is what I focus on now with clients.

Can you help people with patterns, losing weight, creating new habits, etc?
What typically comes up with weight loss is they come to me to do hypnosis for that weight loss, and it is not just 1 session, but many sessions. They come to me to change that behavior, but there is a root cause of that behavior.  If we don’t change that root cause, another behavior will show up.  My goal is to get to that root cause, which is typical; “I am not worthy, I am not good enough, I am not lovable.” Those are typically the root causes that lead to behaviors such as emotional eating, etc. Getting down to that first is important. When we work together, we don’t get to hypnosis until the 3rd or 4th session because we need to release a lot beforehand.

We want to raise awareness with our clients, and they want this quick fix, but it doesn’t work that way.  Maybe for some, it is, but for others, you have decades of shit to unpack before we get there.  The goal is to get to WHY I do it so you then know what your trigger is.

When people come to you, do you primarily have a set thing you work on with people, or is there any block they are trying to work through?
Primarily it is business and business owners who feel stalled in their businesses.  But I work with everybody, and it is definitely a mix of different things.  At the end of the day, the behavior you are coming for really isn’t that at the end of the day. We are really working on the thing that is triggering it.

We work on ways to release any shame on the back end.  Many of us do not give ourselves enough patience to make the transformation.  Then you are looking for the next shiny object.  We don’t give ourselves enough grace.  You make things so big and just say you suck all the time.  Nothing has meaning until you give it meaning.

2 Perspectives of people who would work with you.
“I know I have some shit I need to unpack; how would I work with you?” I have 8 & 12 session packages for hypnosis. The first 3 sessions are deep dives, getting to the root of things.  Next sessions are timeline therapy, releasing a lot of emotional charges behind those feelings. Then we work on breathwork/hypnobreathwork in a session.

When it comes to hypnosis you need 3 things to be successful. You have to trust the person who you are working with and feel-good working with them. You need to be open to the process and really want the change!  So, I offer a free consultation so we can get to know each other a little bit before you make that decision to work with me.

Someone who is like, “This sounds interesting and have always been interested in these things, how would someone go down that path.”

I also teach and certify other people. So, I do a coaching certification program. The next one is 2024 and my goal to run it once a year as it will be a yearlong process. In the beginning it is learning and get certified, then there is an integration period and a post grad component! You will also work with practice partners to help set you up for success when you are done with the year!!

I hope this gave you a bridge for you to say, wow these patterns you are repeating are not you, it’s that programming that is supposed to keep you safe but it’s also preventing you from living your best life. If you need to unpack any of this, reach out to her! Julie is truly amazing!!


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