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I Love Rice Krispy Treats!!!

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Okay, I can resist most things, with the exception rice krispy treats! They are heavenly!!!! I have a good day rice krispy treats, Have a bad day rice krispy treats, it’s raining out rice krispy treats!  What makes it worst is that Starbucks has started to sell, do you know how many Starbucks I pass in my everyday life.  Heavens!! It’s heard to resist the pull of the rice krispy treat.  they are AWESOME!!!

What is your weakness’ What makes you stop in your tracks’

Courstey of Nerd Girl Blogging

Courtesy of Nerd Girl Blogging

Don’t these look AWESOME!!!

Now, this is where I tell you about control.  If we don’t give ourselves treats every once in awhile we will go CRAZY!! The best rule of thumb is 80 -20.  80% of the time you are eating healthy and the other 20% you are giving yourself a moderate free pass, so if pass by that Starbucks on a Saturday and want a rice crispy treat.  Go for it!


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