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I want to_______ but can I________’

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I hear this all the time. We are all guilty of uttering this phrase. I want lose weight, but is it okay if I still have pancakes and bake apple pies on Sundays’ I mean they are homemade, not store or restaurant bought. If you are looking for me to validate this it AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN! 

If I say if you look back at your week and you’ve been 80% compliant with your diet and exercise program, then you can have either pancakes with your family OR have some apple pie.

You will hear SURE EAT as many pancakes and apple pie as you want.

I do believe strongly in cheat meals, but you need to EARN cheat meals.  I’ve found that when I tell people the rules that earn you a cheat meal, they seem only hear CHEAT. Cheat meals are what keep you sane when living a healthy lifestyle, if we don’t allow ourselves some fun foods, then we go crazy.

I ask all my clients to map out their weeks, when will you workout and also be prepared for when you will have a party, family event or heading out with friends so that you can use those events as your cheat meal.  That way you know that you need to be on point with your food and exercise and there will be no guilt or feeling that you BLEW it.

I would love to hear your thoughts on cheat meals. Do you have them or are you afraid they may send you on a bender.


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