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I Thought I Was Fat On My Wedding Day!

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I too HATED my body.

I thought I was the fat bride.
I didn’t like my body on my wedding day. 

So, much so that 20 years later I still don’t have any professional pictures taken of me in a dress.

Let me explain.

I married the love of my life.’ In fact its 20 years Wednesday. We had an awesome wedding that our guests still talk about.

Everything was great until we got our wedding pictures. Oomph! I didn’t like what I saw.’

OMG, I saw them and thought I was F A T! ‘

The happiest day of my life went to being the worst day of my life. I HATED them

I remember doing my best to smile while we looked through them. The entire time asking myself why I didn’t notice how fat I was and for the love of God, why didn’t any of my friends or my husband tell me!!

At the end of our meeting the photographer presented the packages we can purchase and immediately before my husband could speak, I said we have to go, and we’ll get back to her.

Seriously, I couldn’t order pictures from the best day of my life, because I thought I was FAT!’

It took me years to stop hating myself for not looking like other girls who were thinner than me when we got married 20 years ago.

It’s taken me years to finally come to grips to realize that my husband loves me no matter what. That instead of focusing on how I looked I should focus on the joy on my face, the fact that I was marrying someone who lets me, be me no matter what. My husband didn’t marry me because I had 6 pack abs, or you could bounce a quarter off my ass

He married me because of ME

Now I know my body does not define me!! I’m awesome and amazing no matter what the number says on the scale or size jeans I’m wearing

Wanna feel the same way”’ It’s so liberating!

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