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How Do I Need To Improve’

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I love this blog challenge because it’s all about simple micro actions. This is what I tell my clients it’s not about big sweeping moving, but taking tiny steps forward toward your goals.

Today’s blog focus is what 3 things can I do change my blog.

  1. Clear Calls To Action — How do we interact with each other. Make it easy for you to understand what you are a suppose to do once you get to the site. How can you work with me’ How do I make so you want to hang out with me and join the squad in some capacity.
  2. Clear and Consistent Content — This challenge has really helped me get clear about what I want the blog to be about. During this challenge I want to get consistent with my posting.
  3. Clean Up My Service Offerings — What is it that I offer clients’ KISS ~ Keep It Simple Stupid.

How about you’ Think of 3 things that you can improve and leave me a comment below.

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