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Is it Possible To Eat In Moderation

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Moderation are you cringing at the sound of that word’ WELP! I am here to tell you to stop!!! Moderation is not a limitation. Moderation is not taboo. Moderation is not restricted. Moderation is not dieting. Moderation is a way to live in a place where you are happy and confident and comfortable with who you are and the decisions you make when it comes to your health and wellness. You can have a life without binging and restricting and it starts with moderation. It starts with this concept of allowing yourself to have what you want, so that you will never binge again, you will never restrict again, you will never diet again

So are you ready”

Jill Coleman is the queen of moderation. She has done this for years and is now teaching others what worked for her and what has stuck with her! She has broken it down with a PROCESS! A process that doesn’t involve white knuckling or extremes! Moderation for life, what are you saying”’ Like, is this real life’ Is this going to last forever”” Yes yes it is!

Everybody comes to a point in their life or journey where they just stop and say, You know what, I cannot go hard anymore.Or I need to stop dieting. You have to get to a point in your nutrition journey where you don’t need to or want to go really extreme anymore. And I know that there are many of you out there who have had a time where extremes worked! BUTTT If weight watchers worked, you would keep doing it, not having to keep going back” Just like in competitions, they worked while we were doing them, but that lifestyle is not something that can be done 24/7 – 365

Jills journey is something that we all too know well. She was constantly going back to sweets no matter what she did. She would binge on the weekends, just to restart on Monday. And it was getting exhausting. For years, she needed to live in control of all of her food, it was a fragile way to live and at the time she was in her head all the time and for her she liked being in control like that. When she was good, it was really good, and when it was bad, well it was really bad. And that gap, brewed shame and she didn’t like it. This is sounding familiar, isn’t it’

She had to figure out a way to EAT FOREVER. And this was how she started doing small things to eat moderately. This other thing that she has been doing for years there wasn’t working, so what is the opposite’ If it’s not, deprive binge deprive binge. What was in the middle’ So Jill started adding little things here and there throughout the week. She would give herself a little at a time and called them Nutritional Gimmes.It was this big trial and error to see if she would still binge if she gave herself these little treats here and there. And that wasn’t the case. What ended up happening, is Jill was giving herself things here and there, instead of restricting herself, and it stopped the binging! This entire process took about 3 years all together, but it STOPPED THE BINGING!

So, are you starting to question those old patterns that you may have’ If you listened to the podcast or read this blog and expose yourself to this idea it means you are on the journey and you are questioning things and want a different life for yourself. For Jill, she had to question what she was doing and what it meant to do these fitness competitions. What is at the end of this addictive behavior or fitness competitions’ She was not making money, she was not making an impact in the world, and she was not helping anyone. So why continue to do this to your body and mind if you are not getting anything out of it substantially for yourself’ These are some questions, even if you aren’t in fitness competitions that you have to ask yourself.

What does this addictive behavior of constant dieting do for you’ What is it doing for you in your life or what is it giving you’ If the answer is NOTHING. Then I suggest you do something about it! And you can start by doing little things like moderation or making small changes to get you out of that addictive behavior and actually living for you.

That is how change is made little, tiny decisions. We are so trained to not care about the small things and only care about the go big or go home mentality. People feel like the win has to be this huge thing to count. So how can we change the dialogue that small is still worthy’ Or change this all or nothing mentality’

One way is to look at these health behaviors cumulatively. Every choice I make moves me closer to health or more away from health, right’ So where exactly is that sweet spot’ Let’s take working out for example. That 20 minutes workout is better than nothing. So look at it as you actually got up and moved your body! That is the sweet spot between working out for hours which you don’t feel like doing, or not moving at all.
A little movement a few times a week adds up and is so good!! What is your sweet spot for you’

How do you get someone to see that 5 minutes is ok’ Something isn’t nothing, so make peace with compromise!

This way is easier than ever when it comes to food! Think about it less because too much thinking is obsession, and no thinking is shut down mode and we binge! So once again, we need to find that middle ground, that sweet spot and that is mindfulness. That is mindful eating. It takes practice. Believe me. But you can get there. Moderation 365 by Jill helps you to feel what it is like and the more you practice it becomes second nature! So, in a way learning to eat moderately and mindfully is really unlearning a lot of diet behaviors. Right”’

Pick and choose nutritional battles!
Where are your big non-negotiables when it comes to what you are eating daily’ Where are the things you are unwilling to negotiate on’ Is it coffee with creamer and sugar every morning’ Is it a glass of wine 1-2 nights a week’ Is it that favorite candy bar once a week’ We need to relearn discernment, relearn what works best for you. If you don’t like it, don’t eat it, if you like it, eat it. Eat what works for you and what you like. This will feel less like you are restricting yourself on a daily basis. Because when you pull away things you absolutely love, that is where there is going to be a problem.

What do you do when you are craving something’
You eat it But when you do this, practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is the mac daddy tool when it comes to this! It is the thing that allows you to have a couple of bites of something and come back later to it. Just think of it as it will always be there for you later, if you are still craving it, come back to it later. It. Will. Still. Be. THERE! And seriously. This terrifies people! They think, Oh, I can’t have it in my house, I can’t be around it. And trust me, I know! It was me! But you have to have this practice and belief that it is possible for you! Then take strategic steps to do it!

Tools in moderation – Intermittent Sampling
This is essentially exposure therapy. This is an idea that we have to expose ourselves to things that we are scared of. Whatever food item you think you can’t trust yourself around, we have to intentionally buy that food and keep it in the house. We want you to have ice cream, have a portion every night this week and if you want more, wait 20 minutes, and see if you want another serving. If you do no issues and no judgement, then wait another 20 minutes. Give yourself time to assess how you are feeling vs just sitting with the whole thing and binging. This is the start to Mindfulness practice of, Do I want more, YES OR NO’

It’s a small practice, but over time you will say, Well, I don’t want ice cream tonight. I don’t need it tonight.And guess what’ You exposed yourself to it enough that it loses its hold over you!!! If you just get used to it being there, then you won’t want it all the time. And this is something that Jill teaches her clients in her course.

If I am a junk food junkie, am I better off exposing myself to 1 thing at a time vs all of it at once’
Definitely just one thing at a time just so you can see that it is possible, and you will be like ok! It works! Then as you reintroduce more, it will be simpler because you know you can do it! Whatever the top dog item is for you, get it in the house and start practicing.

You have to have a moment where you say, I don’t want to diet anymore. I dont want to do this anymore.

Eating in Moderation and having mindfulness when it comes to how we eat is so important and I think it will change your life. There is work to get there in moderation.

It will take time. But you can get there. You have to get to that point where you are ready for a final solution and be done dieting for good! Always practice mindfulness, but you have to have the courage. And you also have to slow down a bit when working on this. Slow down the urgency to get things done asap because this may take a year. But guess what’ A year from now you will have a solution that works for you, all your clothes will fit, and you won’t think about food all the time, AND you can skip the gym and have no issues!! And just think. Some of us diet for decades, so 1 year is nothing!!!!! So just ask yourself, Am I willing to put in this practice and be patient’

The one thing Jill has taught me over the years is that you have to have a strategy! You can have all the plans, but you have to have a strategy and a process. With her Moderation 365, there is a process because you have to know where you are in the road map. That is why Moderation 365 is so amazing because it IS A PROCESS! And that is what we need. In the Moderation 365 curriculum, we also break it down. So, when I say moderation, here is what that looks like in real time! Here are the tools and benchmarks that we will know if this is moderate in a certain experience. Then you can be mindful of it.

The really cool thing about mindfulness practice is it’s like a slingshot. You are going slow, slow, slow then all of a sudden you are like oh! I am mindful all the time!!
The practice at the beginning is like pulling teeth, trust me it will, but then one day you will wake up and you will just feel it in your body all the time! You will be in touch with your hunger, your cravings, your satisfaction, your fullness. If you continue to practice this mindfulness and moderation, you will wake up one day and you will feel it and you will have this completely different relationship with food! And THAT is our ultimate goal!

Moderation is possible!! EVEN THOUGH it is a word that is meh THERE IS A WAY FOR YOU TO NOT LOSE YOUR SHIT WITH FOOD!!

There is a light on the other side!

What is one thing that makes you feel magical’

The thing that makes me feel the most magical honestly, is when I see my clients get incredible results. Because to me, that’s when we talk about impact. We talk about meaning, we talk about purpose, and when we talk about that a little bit, we talk about this idea of getting outside of it just being about you. When I see clients getting wins with stuff in there going, Wow, I never thought this would be possible for me. I never thought that I could do this.To me, that is everything!

So what makes me feel more magical is seeing the ripple effect and knowing that my own journey wasn’t for nothing! Like now, we’ve learned all this stuff and we’re implementing this stuff and people are actually doing it!! They’re actually experiencing a huge lifestyle transformation and a huge life change. To me that just means so much and my heart explodes when I see stuff like that.

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