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Is it time for you to reboot’

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After all, computers crash, people die, relationships fall apart. The best we can do is breath and reboot. — Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie, Sex and The City)
I live in the Northeast and we just another dumping of snow and I got to tell you its been a long hard snowy winter and I am ready for relief.  It’s time for me to reboot.
Spring is just weeks away and I need to focus and get my head into the game here are 5 things that I am doing to reboot.

  1. To relax — I am listening to FUN non-work related audiobooks, and as someone who takes public transportation it makes it so much more fun. Right now I am listening to the Shopaholic Series and boy is it entertaining.
  2. New workout music — I just download a ton of new music to keep me moving during my workouts. Oh yeah, I hit the 1000 song mark on my nano!  Seriously, when I bought the thing I was like 1000 songs, that SO many song, I’ll never fill it. Oh well.  Never say never as my Mother says.
  3. Food log — when I am training I track everything I eat. Now that I don’t have a show tracking my food has gone by the way side.  I will start to track my food.  The online food diary is fitday.  It tracks, your macro-nutrients, calories and exercise
  4. Put it in your calendar.  I am putting all my workout in my calendar so that I will keep on track and not say that I will do it later.
  5. Get organized — I am a clutter bug and I am making strides to de-clutter my home.

Here’s a bonus, I have 12 months to complete my well coaches certification and I am going to not take the full 12 months, I will take the written test in 6 months, and complete the second and third step with 3 months.
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