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Is Stevia All That’

The FDA is on the of determining if Stevia is GRAS — Generally
Regarded As Safe: experts have gotten together and have given their
consensus that the product is safe for general consumption.

Once the FDA places this label on a ingredient, is basically given
the green light to be added to any product.  There are many consumer
product companies chopping at the bit to get this product out to the
general public. So,  what does this mean’

Here’s a little history lesson:

  • In 1985, Stevia was suggested to cause cancer.
  • In 1991, the FDA restricted its import and declared Stevia an unsafe product
  • 1994, under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act Stevia was classified as a supplement and the FDA was forced to change its stance.
  • 2008 the 1985 study was discredited.

Suggested Health Benefits:

  • regulates blood sugar levels
  • lowers elevated blood pressure
  • improves dental health — when used as toothpaste or mouthwash
  • improves digestion
  • weight management

Okay — so why — The big whoopla about Stevia is that it’s ALL NATURAL.

But what does all natural means — HMMM NOTHING,  guess what
bio-degradable waste is all natural, so are bodily excretions, doesn’t
mean I’m going to eat it!  Sorry to be so frank, but I needed to drive
how the point.  So basically because it’s natural it’s not a reason for
you to think its good for you.

Here’s are some potential side effects if the FDA gives Stevia “GRAS” status:

  • may affect the male reproductive system
  • large amounts may inhibit the absorption of nutrients

So I’ve presented the facts, what do you think’  Talk to me.


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