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Is Sugar A Really Big Deal?

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Ladies, you know me, and I’m not about banning any food group.  That is just not my jam.  But my guest Jenn Edden is here to show us that you CAN coexist with sugar and HOW we can do that!


Let’s be honest with each other, but are you never going to have cake on your birthday? Make cookies with your kids? Eat an ice cream cone on an 85-degree day??

Today’s Fit Girl Magic podcast guest Jenn Edden is going to unpack 5 ways we can blend sugar into our lives so that it is not the thing that overtakes us and turns us into a sugar monster! Sugar freedom is the freedom to choose!! Not be tied down by it!

Jenn gathered her wisdom from healing herself from sugar addiction and from 19+ years of being a holistic health coach. Her expertise is in simplifying dietary confusion so that women can get real, long-lasting results!
Jenn’s zone of genius is teaching these women how to kick and manage their sugar addiction so they can look and feel their best, most confident, vibrant selves!

Jenn was a sugar addict for 2 decades, so this isn’t going to happen overnight, but it’s the steps that you take to get there that matter! There is hope, it is biochemistry in the body as well as emotional… So just know that there is hope! If you don’t heal the body while handling the emotional triggers that make us want to go to this for comfort, you will never get it under control! This all stems from many things together.

What made you say to yourself this is a problem?
I knew there was a problem when I had an ulcer.  I would eat a cookie and I would be in so much pain.  There were many other things, but this was just one of them that really stuck out to me.  Then, during this time, I survived a near-death gas explosion, I was just married, and God intervened and said, “What are you going to do with your life?”  Our home blew up with everything in it and I knew I had to change; I had a life I needed to live. I am fixing this myself.

And here I am 20 years certified as a Holistic Health Coach. We all have to get to the point where something has to happen.  A huge boulder has to fall in front of our path to be like okay, I can’t put this off anymore.

For me, the work we do is all about permanency.  Figuring out how to have sugar under control when the in-laws come over or a busy travel week, can be the hardest to navigate.  The sugar-free method is a lifestyle change, its permanency in your mindset.  Sugar is more addicting than cocaine so it’s not your fault.

With sugar, it’s not your fault… It is a drug and it’s a socially acceptable drug.  Chemicals cause cravings and women just don’t know. With most addictions, you can just remove it. Alcohol, heroin, but with sugar, it’s IN everything! And it’s so hard to avoid it! If you’re addicted to food, it’s in everything.  And it’s in all the packaged foods as well.

You want to be in the GRAY AREA.
You are not dieting.  You are not going to hell with yourself.  You are in the Sugar Freedom Method.  In that, you are looking and feeling great because you are in an anti-inflammation mind, body, and spirit without being obsessed! You are not going to a birthday party and skipping out on foods! In the Sugar Freedom Method, you are taught how to unhook from the sugar!

Unhooking is partially food but also unhooking from the judgment we put on ourselves.  I’m horrible because I couldn’t stop at 3 bites.  I’m horrible because I ate it. My willpower, my motivation… No one is going to die if you have some bites of it! Know how to get off the stuff and you won’t have to worry about relapsing all of the time.

For your 5 steps, I really love the first module – Visualizing.
I personally don’t think many people stop and ask themselves, “What do I want?”  No one stops to think about what I really want…  It is like creating a vision board. Wake up and feel great, wake up and your clothes fit, feel how you felt at 25.  You have to know what you are shooting for, and we help you get there.

Module 2 – Clarification.
We need to clarify what it is you want AND clarify what is in your food! People don’t know what is in stuff…. The stevia, sucralose, honey, maple syrup, citric acid, natural flavors, etc!  It’s confusing! Clarify what is in your water and food AND flavored drinks.
You will never lose belly fat and never NOT have cravings putting flavor crap in your water! Squeeze a lemon, orange, or lime, but stop with the chemicals!  Clarify these things!

Module 3 – Tuning in.
Understanding yourself, tuning into yourself.  What is going on in the world, our bodies, etc.  Understand the energy around you as well!  If you are eating well, you can help protect your energy and what you take in.  Tuning in is everything – if I don’t realize what triggers me to eat, I am never going to solve my problems.  If I don’t figure out that when I go into this meeting, this energy around me is going to mess with how I eat, then I won’t be able to set boundaries.  And boundaries are another part of module 3.

You have to honor your sensitivities. A lot of the people who come to me are highly sensitive and a lot of people get drained easily because they don’t say no… they do this or that.  Boundaries, you don’t learn them growing up.  This whole boundary part is the root of many people’s issues with everything.  You are not responsible for other people’s feelings, and you have to realize this!

Module 4 – Living it.
How do I live this on vacation or through stress?  There is a checklist of imbalances that we go through.  These things could cause cravings.  You fix it and you don’t crave it.  It’s an imbalance…. And you aren’t taught this. Let’s get you back in balance and I guarantee things will change.

Module 5 – LOVE IT.
It’s a life-coaching piece.  If you do not love your life, how can you move forward to love your body and change it to live a longer life?  I am more in love with my life than what I eat.  We need to feel good!  90% is clean because I love my life more than I love my food, simple as that!

(There is also an added Module 6 – Gut repair. Your gut health and cravings are related. You have to take care of your gut! When you start seeing your cravings as an imbalance, all the guilt goes away!  It’s an imbalance you did not fix!)

I feel like with your steps, people can read through them and be like, “OHH this is how you do it. This is how it’s different.” It’s simple, fun, and easy.  If you don’t feel lighter talking to me or my team, we don’t want a dime from you.  This has to feel simple, fun, and easy!

As you read through this, or listen to the Fit Girl Magic podcast, I hope you are drawing the same conclusions as I am. When we turn to sugar to deal with life, we turn to it to tune out instead of tuning in. I am hoping many of you are taking that away from this.  Sugar is about coexistence. We need sugar here and there. Remember, are you not going to have cake on your birthday?  But it’s that next step. We can model to our children to NOT be afraid of food.  A lot of the women who come to us are highly addicted and they know that if they touch it, they are bingeing for a month.  You have to respect it if you don’t have the tools, it is like alcohol or drugs.  It’s like alcoholism for them and it’s been going on for 20 years or more.

Whatever you obsess about chases you until you stop.  If you are obsessed with your weight, you are going to gain more weight.  If you obsess over a debt you are going to get more debt.  If you are obsessed with business growth, you will get business growth.  Obsess over the good stuff, not the bad stuff!  We are programmed to obsess over the bad stuff, switch it up a bit and go against the norm!

I always want you to take a big pause and THINK! I know I do that a lot. And I hope this made you stop and think about some things in your life or what you have personally experienced!

What is one thing that makes you feel magical?
That I know I am the creator of my reality. If I do not like the movie that is playing in front of me, I know all I have to do is change the film and that is what is going on in my head! Change the tape my friends and you will get a new movie and I have seen that over and over again!


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