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Is the Economy Making Sick’

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In Boston, hospitals are seeing a rise blood pressure of folks who had it under control just a few months ago they are also seeing the pounds come back on it their obesity clinic patients, many are reporting increases in migraine, tummy troubles, you need .  The stress of the economy takes it toll not only on your wallet, but your health.

Face it we’re STRESSED OUT, by the fear of the unknown.  So we cut back because we are unsure if today is the day I will lose my job, my house, my 401k or something else.  When times get uncertain do you reach for the comfort foods, do you just shut down and pray things are going to get better’

Because of the economy have you cut back on your exercise programs, cut back on eating healthy foods because they are too expensive’

Talk to me what have you cut back on and how is it affecting your health’


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