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The 6 Reasons Why You Aren’t Losing Weight — Make it part of your life’s mission

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I really wanted to start to have a conversation, especially this time of year. We’re in October and it’s this time of year that everyone starts to get the, it can waititis. You tell yourself oh well it’s October, I’m going to wait for the kids get routine gets settled, oh, it’s October the holidays are just around the corner. I’ll just wait till next year. I’ll wait till next month. And one of the reasons at the time seem great and reasonable, I get it, but several reasons why we blow ourselves off.
Over the next few blog posts I’m going to be breaking down what those six things. And as you follow along, I would love for you to ask yourself, where is your kink. We all have a kink. And you know, so many so many of us are looking for this quick fix that we can instantly reach for instantly take action on. And trust me, I get that I look for that quick fix for a really long time too. But I always it always comes back to who you are. And if you have to own who you are in order to make that next step.

And so, here’s where I ask you, what’s your mission in life’

Is it to be a great mom’ Employee entrepreneur’ Is it your mission in life to be a great friend’ Your mission is what do you value’ What gives you your purpose in your life’ I know, that might seem like this big, like esoteric question, when you’re like, Girl, I just lose some weight. Or you want to look hot in your skinny jeans, you want to go on a beach vacation and not strategically cover up, I totally get that. I’ve worked with, you know, hundreds of women over the past 15 years, it’s, got me thinking that when someone’s purpose, their vision, is around surround their weight loss, they are very successful. Their mission, value is being healthy being fit. If that is their purpose, their goal in life, they will always find a way for to fit it into their life.

When health and fitness is your mission in life, you find a way that even if it’s, 15, 20,30 minutes a day, you make it happen, you find a way to do it. I liken it too when you have kids, a kid tells you that there’s a bake sale, and it’s tomorrow at 7pm at night. Your typical response is I don’t have time.You figure it out, how are you going to get the cookies there. Even if you’re driving to supermarket at 10pm or swinging by on the way to school.

If your mission is health or fitness, you figure it out, you find a way to put it into your schedule. And it might not always look the same way or each and every day. But it happens, right. One of the things I telling all my clients and no you is that you have come up with simple, non-negotiables simple things that make it easy for you to add fitness in to your health that don’t feel like a chore. So let me give you an example. Maybe you’re like I don’t know what she’s talking about. So here’s an example. I have a client and her mission, is to be a great business owner and employer. She runs a family business, and she wants the family business to continue for her next generation. However, she also wants to drop a dress size. Right now because her mission her business, she finds herself putting workouts off putting eating right off, because wants to be available to the business and clients. For a while regularly in her check ins I’d ask how the week went and she’s said well this big thing happened at work today, and I just really couldn’t break my break away. Or this client had a huge problem. And I had to make sure that I was there to solve it. We worked together to really refine what’s possible for her given her highest value is her business. Together we talked about figuring out does everything really have to be your responsibility. Could she start to delegate down to the staff members’ Give herself a little more wiggle room with deadlines. I could relate to this one, because I’m a control freak too. One of the biggest questions I had to ask myself is like, do I need to own it’ Does this have to be my problem’ And as soon as I started asking myself that question, as soon as I started asking myself this question, I started to be able to delegate stuff away. And I know that for some people that’s like, really scary. But think about the smaller things, right’ You know, does each and every problem need your expertise’
Delegation also helps minimize burnout that feeling of always being on. If you are always on call for other people can you be on call for yourself.

The second thing that always seems to trip her up, is her family. She had the same challenge at home she felt like she had to do everything there. We have all been there. No one folds the clothes the way do or take time to sort out and dry certain items, no one loads the dishwasher the way you want them to. We’ve all been there. Again, you can run yourself ragged or you can delegate. She talked to her family about sharing the load.

Here’s where I always have to ask you, something has to give, right’ Because at some point you tried to, you know, leap tall buildings, and a single pound isn’t going to work. At least in the long term, so what’s first your mission’ Is health in your mission’

Just businesses have a mission statement, is health in your mission statement’ If it is in your mission statement’ How can you make more time for it’ And now I’m not talking about four hours a day and you got to leave the tall buildings. It’s can you make 30 minutes a day’ Can you make 30 minutes a day to go for a walk’ Can you make 30 minutes a day that you are going to sit down and be present with the food that’s in front of you’

Here’s where you have to ask yourself, why do I get tripped up’ Why do other things always seem to bump above my health. I know many of you think is because you haven’t found the right diet to lose the weight, but if your health hasn’t found its way up our list of things that are important to you in the here and now. Then no diet plan is going to save you from yourself.

I want to leave you with I love simple things. I teach women simple. Because we have a tendency to, try to take on all the things. But if we start focus on one simple thing, we got clear on what it is that we wanted, and we focused in on that one simple thing that we wanted, even if its weight loss, then the question becomes where does it fall’ In your to do lists. Does it always seem to fall to the bottom of your to do list’ Or is it something that could stay in the top three of your to do lists’

Health can stay at the bottom of your to do list, or you decide that you want it to be different and you want to move it up to the top of the list. So, let me ask you, where is your health is it at the bottom of the list or that the top of the list’ Leave me a comment below.

Stay tuned part 2 Identity will be coming out in just a few days. I be talking all about your identity and weight loss.


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