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It’s Never Too Late To Believe In Yourself

In this episode, I guiding you to a steady belief in yourself. I offer tips on how to get out of your comfort zone and focus on your
route to success.

What Do You Learn From This Episode
1. The quickest way to get other people to support you
2. How to take the first step out of your comfort zone
3. Why you don’t need to try to hit a homerun every time
4. Why you need to focus on quick wins to be successful
5. What you should focus on instead of speed when it comes to your health
6. Why gratitude is the key to staying on track with your fitness goals
7. How to giving yourself the grace and space to wobble when you start your journey
8. The two step success process to end your day
9. How to stay on track by connecting to your why
10. The difference between hanging out with Jay-Z & Beyonce people vs. Eeyore
11. How to get a personal GPS for your fitness journey

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Links mentioned in this episode
Social Media — Facebook
Kim’s Email — squadleader[at]fabfitsquad[dot]com

My name is Kim Barnes Jefferson; I have a deep passion for guiding others towards fulfillment and success with an emphasis in fitness.
I teach busy professional women to stop the extreme dieting/training merry-go-round and start giving themselves permission to live a
healthy live without deprivation and guilt.

I can be found most days hanging out in my Facebook Group Women Who Thrive. It’s a place for women who are done whining and are
ready to get shit done and stop struggling with where they “should” be or what the they “should” be doing to live a healthy lifestyle. This is a
place where you will learn how to take consistent action while feeling confident in what to eat and when.

If you are looking to unleash your feel power and not be ruled by your food choices and want to love what you see in the mirror. You’ve found your tribe.
Will you join us’


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