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Are you being lazy’

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Did you know that humans are the only living things on earth that can stunt their own growth potential’  Think about a tree just grows as tall as it can it doesn’t care that it’s ripping up the sidewalk or getting into septic system it just grows!  Not us humans!  Our minds have a way of limiting are beliefs in what we will be able to accomplish.  If a human were that tree we’d think we couldn’t possible grow big enough to rip up a sidewalk and it would be so bad if we ruptured someone’s septic tank.  We are AWESOME at getting in our own way.
Do you what really gets in way is that it’s truly easy not to change.  It’s so much easier to sit on the couch and lament about the things you don’t have or you should have gone to the gym or should have cooked dinner instead of ordering of pizza.  Let’s face it, we’re lazy!  I’m not throwing any stones I’m guilty of it too.  There are plenty of things I procrastinate over, I’m quite awesome it.  So to keep me in check, I have two Jim Rohn quotes that I keep in front of me “What’s easy to do is also easy not to do” “Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.”  This is what I look at when I’m feeling lazy.  We all do it we have every excuse in the book.  I had a bad day, I’m tried, there was really bad traffic and so and so.  There is commercial that I love, can’t tell you what they are selling but husband and wife are calling each other every day with a different excuse for why they didn’t make it to gym.  They end the commercial with the guy saying I didn’t make because I miss the cat.  Do you have those kinds of excuses’  Be honest raise your hand!  My hand is raised.
So.. what’s holding you back from achieving your overall wellness goal’  Are you suffering from being lazy as not trying to figure out away around it’  I get it, we’re all busy!!!  But I ask your right not to get real with yourself stare at yourself in the mirror and ask what’s really keeping me from my wellness goal.  STOP RIGHT NOW AND WRITE IT DOWN.
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