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You want to lose weight but haven’t been able to.

You have been struggling for months, possibly years to bust through your weight loss challenges.

I have created a  12-week Lean and Free Program to provide accountability and support to help you get balance around living a healthy life and busting through stalled weight loss.

Brigitte M. had a really busy summer, and we all know when you have a busy summer, sometimes diet and exercise go in the toilet. Brigitte knew she wanted to release excess weight and inches, and have more energy for herself and her life. She used the 24 day clean eating challenge to give herself a nice little jumpstart.  My 24-Day Challenge that just ended and by simply cleaning up her food intake using the grocery list provided, and doing the workouts from the videos that I sent her, and having support and community in the Facebook group as well as personal access to me in that group, in just the past 24 days, Brigitte has lost 24 inches.

Dee Stanavage





Amber lost 15 inches, Sheryl D. lost 8 pounds. I’m just blown away by the results!!

These results are amazing. Now imagine what could happen if you worked with a personal trainer and coach for 12 weeks!  This is the only way clients can work with me besides one-on-one coaching, which is a premium price.
In the 12 weeks, you receive

  • 3 e-books back with guidance for you to transform your Nutrition, Goal Setting and Mindset.
  • You will have a clear picture of what to eat, how to workout and how to shift your thoughts.
  • I’ve created exclusive video workouts for you to follow
  • Awesome recipes for healthy eating,
  • Private FB group where I am personally in there twice a day answering your questions and giving you even more inspiration and support to keep going.

Sorry registration is closed until 2016. To be the first to know when the program is open, join the list below.


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