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Lean & Sexy 12 Days Fitmas

This online program is about change! You are sick and tired of having no energy or crying in the dressing room because you’ve gone up a size again. You are done coming home and putting on sweatpants not because they are comfortable, but because they are all that fits you without binding. You are DONE losing and gaining the same 20 pounds. You are looking to lose the weight and get in shape FOR GOOD. This online program is for you if you are ready to bust out and change your life. Trust me, everything you want is within your reach. The decision is yours to GO FOR IT! If you are ready to stop having a cookie or any piece of food have control over you, then Lean and Sexy is your answer.

How does it work’

It is a six-month program that opens twice a year.

Program will run January 5-June 20th

  • Ignition – here is where we will work to get clear about your goals, understand what motivates you to take action, and work to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.
  • Liftoff –you will be given the tools to build a healthy meal, workouts and how to handle eating out, travel and how to live a healthy life on your terms with deprivation.
  • Fusion – you have all the tools, so now let’s put them together. We’ll work on triggers, setting priorities, optimal fat loss for life and the importance of consistency versus perfectionism.

What is it’

During our six months to together, my goal is help you to build a winning mindset. I will help you eliminate the fear and doubt that has kept you stuck or repeating the same patterns over and over again. You know gaining and losing the same 20 pounds. I’m a big believer in goals and we’ll work together to develop SMART ACHIEVEMENT oriented goals that will challenge and motivate you to take action. I will warn you, once a client gives me their goals; I’m like a pitbull working with them to help them achieve them. I am also an Army Ranger when it comes to making sure you excel. No one gets left behind. I’m not afraid to give you a kick in the tush while giving you a big hug when you need it. I can be a bit of a softy when needed (that’s our secret). You’ll also learn how to build great workouts, the importance of eating the right meals and how to make this a lifestyle that can work for YOU!

michelleavaThis program has helped me realize my choices, good and bad, and helps me determine whether or not they are worth it. I LOVE the workouts and the intensity of each. Michelle D. 


What to expect’

If you are done seeking and ready to take action, you will get the results you are seeking!!

  • A “success mindset” – weight loss is not a “quick fix solution”! It’s an ongoing transformation. You’ll get the core foundations that you will be able to build from and excel in your new healthy lifestyle.
  • Tools and system to help you get through any situation
  • A community grounded in changing their lives
  • A greater knowledge of yourself and what makes you tick
  • A better understanding of your body and what workouts and foods serve you best
  • Virtual and phone time with Kim (depending upon your package)

Excerpts from the Syllabus

  • What’s your why’
  • The Art of the Start
  • Doubt
  • Negative Nellies
  • Holidays/Travel
  • Meal Planning
  • Different Diets
  • Rewards/Consequences
  • Triggers
  • Perfectionism
  • Fat loss

Sorry early bird registration has expired. Want to hear when Lean and Sexy opens again, click here. 

brandiWorking with Kim has been easy and positive. She gives you all the tools you need to move forward with you goals, and is 100% supportive throughout the process! She is very knowledgeable and on top of that offers a wealth of personal experience to help on your journey! — Brandi N.

Lean and Sexy BenefitsPlatinumGoldValue
Duration6 months6 months
Food Journal — a place to give you accountability and awareness Yes Yes $150 YesYes$150
Emotion journal — use this to track when you are feeling like you are an emotional eater. It will help you to clue in on triggers that set you up to eat.YesYes$150
Monthly workouts — on the 1st Monday of each month you will get a new workout. It will be a combination of cardio and strength.YesYes$900
Monthly recipes — you will get 4 new recipes to try each week.YesYes$120
Monthly nutrition commitment — each month you will get a challenge to complete to help reinforce a healthy lifestyle.YesYes$300
Monthly ebook — these will include various topics from pre/post workout nutrition, mindset, goal setting, triggers, tips for fat loss etc.YesYes$2700
Virtual Coaching – through our online community (via Facebook Groups) you will have daily interaction with me and another members of the group. Here is where you will ask questions, get motivation and support. Within the group you have daily accountability from me and other members of the group.YesYes$26,250
Phone calls — one group call where we will discuss a healthy living topic of the month and then you’ll get a private call where you drive the discussion.1 monthly group call 1 monthly private calladditional cost$1011
Your investment$797$637.60 –exp. 12/17$97$77.60 — exp. 12/17Total Value $31,581
Payment Plans3 payments of $255None
I’m ready to commit Sorry — this discount has expired.Sorry– this discount has expired.

Our programs help you to get your mind and your body aligned. Yes, I can help you to lose weight and get into the best shape of your life! BUT…if melissadyou are looking for a diet to lose weight fast, Fabulous Fit Squad is not for you. That’s because we offer REAL, HONEST, HEALTHY, LONG TERM solutions for women who want to not only lose weight and keep it off, but figure out how to life a healthy lifestyle. The Fabulous Fit Squad is group of women who are ready to bust out and live their best lives. As your coach, I’ll give you straight talk and no gimmicks. You’ll also get the systems, tools and advice that you need to succeed. Success is not by accident. I’m looking for women who are willing to play full out and throw their excuses out the door.

The Lean and Sexy program that Kim has devised is a well thought out, supportive and holistic program. For me the one of the greatest things about this program is that you are held accountable. Kim achieves this by requesting monthly pictures, food journals and also has created private FB page that is a forum for all of us to vent, confess, share achievements etc. Not only does Kim request this participation and ownership from the members, she also provides timely and feedback (on food journals, monthly photos), encouragement and advice etc. to all our posts. She is extremely intelligent and knows her stuff but one of the best things about Kim is her ability to relate to all of us and meet us where we are at. Her sense of humor and no bullshit approach is great and she is right alongside us for the ride… she shares her struggles and achievements with us.

The tools that Kim provides via the workouts, grocery lists is awesome too. By far her e-book is simply the best. It is packed with information and offers tangible solutions and goals. Her sense of humor and personality shines through in her ebook. Her goals chapter is AWESOME.

I highly recommend this program to anyone, regardless of fitness level. Kim doesn’t expect us to be perfect… I think a lot of the women, myself included expect too much and set ourselves up with an all or nothing attitude, which let’s face it, isn’t good! In this program Kim helps us set realistic, sustainable life goals and ways to react when we have slip ups and/or life gets in the way! — Melissa D. 

I’m for you, if you:


Are ready to start celebrating in the dressing room versus crying

ArrowBlueWant to be able to button the top button of your jeans – every day

ArrowBlueAre willing to give yourself permission to go for it

ArrowBlueCan commit to a long term program – not a how to lose weight fast program

ArrowBlueWant to take this healthy lifestyle journey to a deeper part of yourself

ArrowBlueAre coachable and willing to learn

ArrowBlueAre ready for someone (okay me) to call you on your sh*t

I’m NOT for you if you:

_0004_xmarkAren’t able to set aside fear and doubt

_0004_xmarkI like to keep it real (I’m direct, not rude)

_0004_xmarkWant to lose weight fast — meaning in an unrealistic amount of time

_0004_xmarkAren’t open to change I’m committed to your success no one gets let behind. We can talk about where you are getting derailed and you will stay a part of our team. Always.

Why online’

  • Convenient – No calendars to coordinate – you do the workouts when they are convenient for you.
  • Simple – My goal is to make is easy for you to follow the program and get the results you are looking for.
  • Total System – I work with clients to help them get their mindsets correct, fuel their bodies and provide workouts to get them the results!
  • Support – We work together to find solutions that work best for YOUR life!


I started working with Kim so I could decrease my body fat. Over 6 weeks I lost 3% body fat.  She helped me figure out how to pull my meals together  while having a full-time job and 2 young kids at home. I found the program very easy to follow which lead to my success. The best best part is now I know how to eat well and maintain my weight and body comp.  — Jenn F.


I started working with Kim because I put on 20 pounds in 2 years. I have always been physically active and thought I knew how to eat healthy, but Kim really helped me to understand what I was putting in my mouth and how my body processed it. I stopped eating processed “clean” food that were low-fat, no-fat and started eating a lot more fruit, veggies, lean meats and eating healthy fats like avocado, coconut oil, almond butter, etc. I als learned that it’s not only important to know what to put in your body, but when, so that my metabolism stayed burning at a steady state and wha to eat before and after a working out to meantime the results of my workouts. And the pounds just melted off!! I lost 15 pounds in just over 5 months and I feel great!! My sugar cravings are going and I don’t have to hide under long sweaters and layers of clothing anymore. I feel like myself again and have so much more energy. Corinne D.


Payment policy: I understand that upon purchasing this membership, I am making a legal commitment to complete the 6 month program and the above chosen payments as stated in this contract. There will be no refunds. 





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