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Isn’t it time to love how you look naked’

Admit it: what you see in the mirror these days doesn’t quite live up to your standard of sexy.


You’ve got a bit of a tummy going on…

Stretch marks on your butt and hips…

…And cellulite on the back of your thighs

Fact is, you haven’t been your ideal weight since your twenties—and that just doesn’t feel good.

Diets’ You’ve tried them all: no-carb, low-carb, low-calorie, starvation, and counted calories until you wanted to poke your eye out with a fork.

You’ve gone to the gym.

Started running again.

Even taken a few kickboxing classes.

And the weight came off…for a while.

You told yourself that this was finally the diet that would work for you. And, this was the summer you stopped hiding under maxi-dresses, towels and big, baggy t-shirts to show off your lean, carefully sculpted, new bod in that sexy red polka-dot bikini.

But then it boomeranged back – and brought friends with it.

You felt like a failure. Embarrassed, ashamed, and resigned that maybe that’s just how things were going to be for you.

If only you’d tried harder, paid more attention to your food, cut back on the wine, snacks and portions.

It’s what I like to call “The Weight Loss Hokey Pokey”: you put two pounds on, take two pounds off, put two more pounds on and it shakes all about.

There’s a reason this is happening, gorgeous, and it’s not your fault.

Dream with me for a minute. Close your eyes and imagine being strong, healthy, and happy.

It’s pretty awesome, right’

You can feel that way every day.

And you can do it starting now.

Your journey to better health starts right here.

I’m Kim. And I teach busy professional women to ditch the extreme dieting and training merry-go-round and give themselves permission to live a healthy life without deprivation and guilt.

I used to be the gal who could eat anything I wanted. Cake, cookies, chips—whatever treats happened to be in the house.

And not gain a pound.

People asked me what my secret was and I’d always say I was “lucky”.

Until I wasn’t.

I started packing on the pounds. Nothing fit. I no longer looked or felt good.

But instead of just accepting this new shape, I decided to take the time to pay attention to my body. I found a mentor who gave me the answers and resources to get fit, lose 30 pounds and keep it off. Thirteen years later I’m still lean, fit, and I feel great!

You can do it too. I’ll show you how.

I know it’s not that you’re not trying hard enough (you are)

Or think that your body can never be thinner or healthier than it is now (it can)

It’s because you’ve been told to play by one-size-fits-all rules when you’re a custom-tailored kind of woman.

This’ Is your battle cry, beautiful. Time to stand out. Break away and live healthy in a way that’s a perfect fit for you.

It’s time you played by your rules.

Imagine what it would feel like to stand in front of the mirror, naked, with the lights ON…and enjoy the view.

To be able to say to yourself, “Damn, girl, you’re lookin’ fine for 40”…and mean it.

To have a lean, sexy body rockin’ that little black dress and fit enough to shake it all night long.

Lean and Sexy is a program created for women like you who want to be happy, healthy, and fit on your terms – not someone else’s.

Together, we’re going to change how you feel about fitness and nutrition with your own, personal blueprint back to health, confidence and happiness. Ditch the diet roller coaster and tell that extra weight to step off.

It’s time to own your body like a boss. You’ll learn the how and why behind nutrition and fitness training, and how to transform your mindset to stop playing the victim of yo-yo dieting.

In just 12 weeks, Lean and Sexy will change your life: body, mind and soul.

Registration is now closed — will reopen in September 2016 hop on the waiting list here.  Not sure if this is for you — book a 15 min discovery call with me. 

The Lean and Sexy program includes:

What to expect’

    • If you are done seeking and ready to take action, you will get the results you are seeking!!
    • A “success mindset” – weight loss is not a “quick fix solution”! It’s an ongoing transformation. You’ll get the core foundations that you will be able to build from and excel in your new healthy lifestyle.
    • Tools and system to help you get through any situation
    • A community grounded in changing their lives
    • A greater knowledge of yourself and what makes you tick
    • A better understanding of your body and what workouts and foods serve you best
    • Virtual and phone time with Kim (depending upon your package)

Course Outline

    • Week 1 —  Goals
    • Week 2 — Focusing on what’s blocking you from creating the healthy life you want
    • Week 3 — How to create fitness success
    • Week 4 — Creating a new lifestyle
    • Week 5 — Excuse busting
    • Week 6 — Breaking the diet cycle
    • Week 7 — Setting yourself up for success
    • Week 8 — Learning to love your body
    • Week 9 — Daily habits
    • Week 10 — Heal your story
    • Week 11 — Unlock your power
    • Week 12 — How to block toxic people

Lean and Sexy Benefits



Duration12 weeks12 weeks
Food journal — a place to give you accountability and awarenessYesYes
Emotion journal — use this to track when you are feeling like you are an emotional eater. It will help you to clue in on triggers that set you up to eat.YesYes
Workouts — on the 1st Monday of each month you will get a new workout. It will be a combination of cardio and strength. You’ll receive a total of 6 full body workouts.YesYes
Weekly recipes — you will get 2 new recipes to try each week.YesYes
Monthly nutrition commitment — each month you will get a challenge to complete to help reinforce a healthy lifestyle.YesYes
Weekly ebook and workbook — these will include various topics from pre/post workout nutrition, mindset, goal setting, triggers, tips for fat loss etc.YesYes
Virtual Coaching – through our online community (via Facebook Groups) you will have daily interaction with me and other members of the group. Here is where you will ask questions, get motivation and support. Within the group you have daily accountability from me and other members of the group.YesYes
Accountability and Support — need extra support an accountability’ You will check in with me via text at predetermined frequencies. You will send a pic of you on a piece of gym equipment or your working out. You will also send pics of your food.YesNo
Phone calls — once a month there will be a group call where we will discuss a healthy living topic of the month. These calls will be recorded if you are unable to attend. For those who require a little more support and accountability, you may subscribe to the Platinum program where you get a monthly private call.


1 monthly group call1 monthly group call
1 monthly private call
Book of the Month Recommendations — books that will help further fine-tune key learningsYes
I want in!!!  Grab your spot on the waiting list

Want to chat’ Book a 15 min discovery call with me.


“Kim is a fantastic teacher and completely transformed the way I see the gym. Before I started working with her, I loathed going to the gym and anything athletic in general. I now have a whole portfolio of workouts to use, and each one is more fun and engaging than the last. I am no longer intimidated by the weight room or confused by all the options. Kim made working out fun and enjoyable for the first time ever!” – Kasey B.

Kim sees people at their most vulnerable state and yet there is never any judgment. There is only love and respect. This makes her a great coach. Kim is laser focused on your goals, which leaves little room for self-doubt or any other demon to sabotage your initiative. – Kristi B.

“Kim’s best quality is her “realness”. She doesn’t sugar coat it. She shares her struggles-that makes others realize struggles are part of the process and it’s ok. She is always lifting others up. Kim don’t condemn for fallbacks, she just encourages you to control what’s possible – the “now.” She has an amazing wealth of knowledge. One can tell Kim loves learning about health & fitness.”- Catherine S. 

“Kim has a great sense of humor and a very positive attitude. She knows her sh*t. Wait…let me re-phrase. She has a well-rounded knowledge relative to fitness.” – Laura C.

Our programs help you to get your mind and your body aligned. Yes, I can help you to lose weight and get into the best shape of your life! BUT…if you are looking for a diet to lose weight fast, Fabulous Fit Squad is not for you. That’s because we offer REAL, HONEST, HEALTHY, LONG TERM solutions for women who want to not only lose weight and keep it off, but figure out how to life a healthy lifestyle. The Fabulous Fit Squad is group of women who are ready to bust out and live their best lives. As your coach, I’ll give you straight talk and no gimmicks. You’ll also get the systems, tools and advice that you need to succeed. Success is not by accident. I’m looking for women who are willing to play full out and throw their excuses out the door.

I’m for you, if you:

Checkmark2Blue How I HelpAre ready to start celebrating in the dressing room versus crying

Checkmark2Blue How I HelpWant to be able to button the top button of your jeans – every day

Checkmark2Blue How I HelpAre willing to give yourself permission to go for it

Checkmark2Blue How I HelpCan commit to a long term program – not a how to lose weight fast program

Checkmark2Blue How I HelpWant to take this healthy lifestyle journey to a deeper part of yourself

Checkmark2Blue How I HelpAre coachable and willing to learn

Checkmark2Blue How I HelpAre ready for someone (okay me) to call you on your sh*t

I’m NOT for you if you:

XBlue How I Help Aren’t able to set aside fear and doubt

XBlue How I Help Don’t like straight talk – I like to keep it real (I’m direct, not rude)

XBlue How I Help Want to lose weight fast — meaning in an unrealistic amount of time

XBlue How I Help Aren’t open to change I’m committed to your success no one gets let behind. We can talk about where you are getting derailed and you will stay a part of our team. Always.

Why online’ Convenient – No calendars to coordinate – you do the workouts when they are convenient for you.

Simple – My goal is to make is easy for you to follow the program and get the results you are looking for.

Total System – I work with clients to help them get their mindsets correct, fuel their bodies and provide workouts to get them the results!

Support – We work together to find solutions that work best for YOUR life!



Q – How long will the workouts take
They take about 30-40 minutes to complete. They are designed to be fast and efficient

Q – What equipment will I need
You will need a pair of dumbbells and bands. Most exercises can also be done with bodyweight.

Q – What foods will I have to give up
We all know the obvious foods that don’t serve you. But we talk a lot about the 80/20 so that we can build treats into your lives.

Q Can I have my wine”
Life would stink without wine. Depending upon consumption we’ll talk about portions.

Q Do I have to give up caffeine’
Sorry I run on coffee, so no way.

Q I haven’t exercised in a long time
No worries, you start where you are. If that means you are walking for a bit or doing 10 minutes of strength then that’s what you’ll do. You will still get results.

Q Do I have to do the workouts you provide’
No, I give them to you because most of the feedback I hear from women is that they don’t know what to do at the gym. If you have a plan that you like, go for it. You can still work the rest of the program.

Q Does this plan take in account special occasions’
Yes! We talk about how manage those occasions like a champ!

Q Do I have to start on the 8th’
No, you don’t. You will be added to the group and you can start when you’d like. However the program does run 12 weeks so my hope is that you will start the before it’s over. =)

Q What will we be eating’ Is there a lot of prep involved’
Lots of proteins, fruits, veggies and whole grains. Will you be spending hours in the kitchen not necessarily; we’ll talk through strategies on how to be prepared. One the ways folks get results on this program is by being prepared is the key. I don’t’ like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen so I give you fast efficient ways to get in and out.

Q I’m not vegan/vegetarian/non meat eater, can I do this’
Yes, we will work together to figure out the best protein sources for you.

Q I don’t have Facebook, can I email or message you with any questions along the way’
Unfortunately no. The majority of my coaching will be done in a group format on the closed Facebook page unless you sign up for the platinum program then you we can talk 1x/month via phone.

Q I can’t live without _______’
I know there are certain foods we would rather die than give up. We will work together to figure out how to make them apart of your program.

Come its time you got started!!


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