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Where Will You Live”

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It’s a funny question to ask now. My husband and I have been talking for years about where would we live. Hilly RoadWe both enjoy warm weather and sitting outside. I also love the change of seasons. My good friend Leeanne talks about living in a place 3 months at a time. So.. I’m a little confused. What would home look like, would I be able to move from place to place to place without having any roots’ One that that would have to change is I’m a paper JUNKIE! As I’d transition my life — I’m going to have to do 2 things. 1. be less messy so that I have what I need and can travel lightly and 2. learn to go paperless. Those are HUGE hurdles for me, but once I make that transition the question still is where will I live”

I would love to spend my summers locally here in New England. Summer at times is slow to arrive but when it does boy is it glorious. During the winter the month of February can get a little rough. I know it’s only 28 days, but those 28 days can be LONG and did I mention COLD. In February I’ve had my fill of coats, hats and gloves.  I’d like to find a nice warm place to work for that month. One of my husband’s friends feels the same way and over the past few years, she’s gone to Argentina, Miami and the Bahamas. Her only requirement is that where she lives is in the same time zone as the East Coast. That seems like a good idea as I’d love to go with my husband and need to do that for his job.

So.. I don’t have a answer for that question. As look into my heart I have to ask am I’m looking to be a “suitcase entrepreneur” or just looking to be a entrepreneur that can travel with her business as needed. My gut is telling me it’s the later.


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