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Why Is It So Hard To Lose Weight

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I knew I had to make a change, but it seemed impossible. My clothes were too tight, and my body was falling apart from the inside out-it wasn’t just the exterior being chipped away by life’s battles; no matter how hard I tried or what diet plan worked for a while and then I’d find myself backsliding and the scale creeping back up.

I don’t know about you but somehow the calories sure add up quickly these days.

Then the feelings of inadequacy as each week passed without significant progress being made towards achieving any one goal: losing weight., getting stronger physically/mentally.

Everyone says that you need to hustle and grind to get what you want, spend x number of hours at the gym, doing x number of hours of cardio and give up all the fun foods. So, it’s easy to believe that it’s the right thing.

But if that were true everyone who gave up all the foods they loved and lived at the gym they would have their dream body.

In fact, if you keep holding to this belief you will continue in the same spiral that I was in for YEARS! Back then I KNEW what to do, but somehow, I couldn’t see my blind spots, the areas that if I focused in on them, I’d really find success.

This is how I my first hired my personal trainer, he filled in all the pieces that were missing and really accelerated my results. He had really a good understanding of where I should focus my attention – how much food or exercise was enough; when it’s best not push too hard and best of where should I start.

Yes  now I know what to do, but from time to time I can still get stuck inside my head: wondering “WTF am I doing'” I find myself needing someone to look over my shoulder and guide me. Do you ever find yourself feeling unmotivated sometimes–stuck without knowing why!!

This is why I’ve been part of a mastermind group for the last few years. It has helped me tremendously. It’s like having your own personal coach, except you get other women who are going through exactly what you are going through. They provide guidance on everything from dieting/exercise routines to giving advice about men or how to grow your business that might work out well with you.

I’m not sure why more women don’t take advantage-it’s amazing! And while this may sound weird coming from someone who loves being alone as much sometimes (major intro/extrovert), there is truly no substitute to having a shared experience.

This is why I created Reboot and Refocus it’s a way for women over 40 who know there is more to life than dieting. We all know how to reboot our computers, you press control, alt, del and 99% of the time the problem goes away. But how do you reboot your metabolism, habits and mindset’ When you’ve been dieting since the early 90s’ How do you shift the mindset so that you can refocus on the habits and skills that are going to give you long term sustainability’ Women of every age struggle with this issue – it’s not just about getting into shape after forty (that would be nice!), it’s about managing weight across an entire lifespan!


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