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M. Love Testimonial

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I have tried personal training before but have never been able to stick with it.  I felt frustrated by the routines the trainers had me on.  Often they were boring and focused only on the big muscles.  My experience with Kim has been totally different!  I look forward to my sessions with her.  She is super fun and very down to earth. She also knows an incredible amount about the body.  Because she understands how the body works she is able to offer a huge variety of exercises. I’m always doing something different which keeps both my mind and my body really engaged. There is no just going through the movements! I’m not an easy client – I have had surgeries and illnesses – and she has been a great support in helping me to build my body back up.  I have had a wonderful time with Kim and would recommend her to anyone who is serious about strengthening her body.  M. Love


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