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There Are No Magic Meal Plans

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One of the first things that trainers put for sale online was meal and training plans. You now give them 12

weeks and they can change your body and ultimately your life. Was I that type of trainer, I sure was. Yes, I sell you a meal and training program.  In fact that’s what I did for a number of years, I was both an in person trainer and an online trainer that sold both meal plans and training programs.

You told me your goal and I wrote you a meal plan and a workout plan.  Well for some folks the results were AMAZING! For other not so much. I had to figure out what was going on. Why were some of my clients hitting it out of the park and others were in a tailspin not moving any further than where they were when they started with me.

Before I became a trainer I was a runner and I followed a program and each time I ran that distance I’d run the same program and it worked. When I was making the switch I thought it worked the same way and seeing my clients stall made me realize there was more to it than just following a plan.

I went into detective mode and starting asking a TON of questions. You see when you work me I ask ton of questions and some of them are hard. You know the hairy eye-ball of truth type questions. Don’t worry you won’t feel like soon I’ll be breaking out the hot lights and cigarettes. I do get inquisitive, I only know what you tell me and by asking questions I uncover clues that may help me to understand why you are stalled!

My questions lead me to make the switch from meals plans and training plans to coaching. Yes, I can hand you a meal plan, but I really need to dive into your life and make tweaks along the way to see what works for you and your life. For some I may need to add for because you are running around like a crazy person or I need to change around the meals because you have gone for sedentary to very active to vice versa. When I talked with you on a bi weekly basis I found out information that help me transform the “meal plan” into a lifestyle. Let’s face it diets suck and 95% of all diets fail and most will regain the weight in 1-5 years. For my program I didn’t want my programs to have those types of statistics. Once I moved to coaching I my clients who were in a tailspin started to re-right the ship and soar. My clients who were already soaring were able to take their fitness goals to another level.

So the question I ask you, would you want me to just hand you a meal plan or do you want me to guide you the process and teach you want I know so that you can automate your response to food and you can free that brain power for other activities’

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