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My First Mammogram

Seriously, you turn 40 you get this letter

What to expect from a mammogram

Source -- The Inflamed Spleen

from your doctor that its time to come and get a mammogram. You have no idea what to expect. You know it a good idea to get them to spot breast cancer early (knock on wood they see nothing). But my goodness, NO one tells you what to expect except you’ll feel some pressure on your breast.

I’m here to tell you!

Yes there is pressure, but for the amount of time the technician touched my boobs, she should have left me a tip!  She was definitely rolling VIP!

You walk in the room and they open your johnny and then proceed to stretch your boobs into the most unnatural position. Then you have to turn your head in an unnatural position so they don’t get your chin on the film. — Yes this happened to me so we had to do my right boob 2xs.  Once they manipulate, yes that is an accurate word, manipulate your boobs the machine comes down and compresses your boob, like a panni. Not sure if I’ll ever look at a panni the same.

Then she gives me the good news, I have very dense breast tissue and the technician who reads the films will probably want me to come back to make sure. AWESOME! When I come back,  I’m going to bring some music and invite the technician into the champagne room mammogram lab.


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