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Managing Change In 7 Steps

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Change is so difficult for many of us to deal with. Using these tips will  help you in dealing with change.


This is probably the biggest step and the most necessary one. Accept that life will always be changing. As they say change is the one true thing that you can always depend on. Think back to high college and/or college you and your friends were hanging out and in a blink you graduated went your separate ways. There are and will be plenty more examples throughout your life.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

The biggest changes always seem to always happen when we are content or comfortable. While there may not be scientific evidence to back this up, you should always be ready for anything that comes your way. When you are comfortable in your situation is when you let your guard down which makes it more of a shock when something does change.

Talk About Your Feelings Towards Change

Are you someone who has a tendancy to let things build up inside. Do you not talk about your situations, or if you do, do you tend to vent and complain to the wrong person vs talking directly to the person you need to talk to. Present your concerns in a calm manner and try not to let your emotions cloud the conversation.

Try to Turn the Change in Your Favor

You’ve heard the  phrase, “turn lemons into lemonade”, insert eye roll right! It’s been SOOO overused. However, it’s hard to deny the meaning of it and the impact from that meaning. If you are dealing with change, in one form or another, what is the potention upside’ Is there a workaround’ Is this a sign that maybe you are doing too much and it will give you more time to spend with family’
In a nutshell look at change as an opportunity to look at the situation and see what angles you can use to make it work to your benefit.

Keep Changes You Can Control to a Minimum

I get it when decide you want to make a change in your life you want it to happen like right freaking now! So you starting trying to do ALL the things at once. How has that worked out for you’

Let me guess you did great at first and then you struggled. Don’t feel like it’s just you, for many trying to make too many changes at once, can be overwhelming.

You may need time to get comfortable with the changes that you may be making to your nutrition or yoru workouts so that they move come routine, second nature.

When you bombard yourself with a bunch of changes, if you are anything like me, you will rebel like a wild teenager, and you will be left yet again wondering, WTF is wrong with you and why can’t you sustain your healthy lifestyle’.

Here is where I challenge you to make mirco habits. They are small changes small actions that you do on a regular basis until they become a habit.

Are you ready to embrace a new you’ What’s one microhabit you are looking ot create’

Trust Your Instincts

You may be forced into situations or decisions that go against what you believe in. If you find yourself in such a situation, it’s best to go with your gut or trust your instincts. If the change doesn’t feel right and you have no power to counter it, try to remove yourself from the situation if you feel strongly about it.

Change Can Lead to Unforeseen Opportunities

This goes in line a bit with the lemonade from lemons, but when you start to focus on change being something that is good, opportunities will be more open to you. What you think about your bring about. When you are clear on what you want, good things and situations have a way of finding you. The beautiful about opening yoru mind is that, had you not made the change, these opportunities may not have presented themselves had the changes not occurred.

At the end of the day there will always be changes in life and at the pace of today’s world, changes will happen at a much faster pace than we would like. Here is where you start thinking change or remain the same. If you feel that change is happening at a slower pace than you want, here where I challenge you to say – what is meant for you will not pass you by. It may not come in the form you’d imagine but it will come.


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