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It’s Marathon, Not A Sprint!

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“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” Greg Anderson

When I first got into fitness, my coach/mentor would say this to me all the time. I would be like, I’m working my big ole butt off and results aren’t coming. What’s the deal!. I may have been a tad sassier, but you know you where I’m coming from.

He would talk my journey — blah, blah. Guess what now that I’m a fitness professional I talk about the journey. Here’s why.

I’m not hiker or mountain climber, but this is how I look at getting fit.  Imagine if you are climbing a mountain, it’s hard, uncomfortable at times, you may need to take a few lateral moves to get a better path, you may need to take multiple breaks. As you climb you may not feel like you are making ANY progress and BOOM you are at the top of the mountain taking in the view thinking about all that you have achieved.

That’s how I felt after 17 weeks of hard, CONSISTENT work I looked back at my first week pics and was AMAZED at how far I came not only physically but mentally. I mean I was a pretty confident person, but after achieving the weight loss that took my years to figure it I felt like a super hero!!!

When you work with me, I’m not one of these get skinny quick kind of coaches. I’m one of these coaches that says let’s set down some concrete goals and start our Everest Climb.

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