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March Fitness Madness

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I love this time of year. It signals that warmer weather is coming and the National college basketball tournament is starting. Good friends and I have been playing along with the March Madness brackets for years. It’s so fun guessing who’s going to be the Cinderella story and what sure thing team will fall first. The first weekend of the March Madness tournament I”m glued to the TV with my bracket sheet. My husband tells me I need to get new school and  look my tournament brackets on my phone or ipad, but I like paper. I like highlighting my winners and crossing on my losers with black marker.

This who event got me thinking what if during the March Madness Tournament — we got fit.  Each day during the tournament I’m going to post a fitness challenge. Of course you will accept the challenge and you will post your comments here or on my Facebook wall.   We’ll create a community of support cheering you to meet your fitness goals.
The March Fitness Tournament starts Tuesday, March 19th and end Monday, April 8th.  Check back every day for a challenge!!!


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