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Are You A Martha Or An Oprah’

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This week I started reading the Jen Lancaster book, The Tao of Martha. Jen is an awesome funny writer, She says the stuff out loud that you think in your head. LOVE her marthastewartbiting humor.  In this book she was going to spend the year living like Martha Stewart, minus the gathering eggs from her hen house outback. BTW..I do have a number of friends who raise chickens and let’s just I’m in awe and shock. Well in the book she talks about Martha people and Oprah people.

Oprah people all about living their best life. Creating vision boards and affirmations and so forth.

Martha people are able organization and good things. You churn your own milk.

So I ask what kind of person are you’

If I were to be honest with myself I’m more of Oprah kind of person. I have made vision boards and I have my goals posted all over the house.  I’m all about living your best life. But my husband would prefer if I was a little like Martha. We often joke that we need a wife — someone who can help us to keep the house tidy, cook, do and fold our laundry, go to grocery store. If we were in the Brady Bunch times, we need an Alice — she doesn’t need to live here or where a uniform.

After reading this book, I’m thinking to myself, why not give it a shot too.

This year my plan is to be a little bit of a hybrid.

  • oprahI want to clean my home of clutter and keep it that way for more than 1 week LOL
  • I want to file my bills on a monthly basis versus pile them on my counter until it falls over
  • Find ways to better manage my email
  • Meditate on a regular basis
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway

How about you, what are you’ Are you an Oprah or a Martha or a hybrid’ In one of my blog posts, I give you 29 healthy habits to start. Could you start 1 habit one week’ Imagine where you would be in 1/2 a year’  Would you be able to blog about it ‘ Write a weekly post on Facebook. Think of that movie Julia and Julia. A women spent 1 year trying to cook all of Julia Child’s recipes, it was also made into a movie with Amy Adams and Meryl Streep. Churning your own milk is optional =)

Leave me a comment below. Letting me know what camp do you live in.




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