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A Master Was Once A Disaster

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Last weekend I went to a great event where the speaker keep saying the over an over again “A master was once a disaster including me”. Most of you have been reading this newsletter for a while, but not sure if you guys know that I too have struggled!

12 years ago, I was 30 pound heavier and barely working out because my 50+ hour a week job and travel schedule didn’t allow much time for anything other than work. No one reading this can identify with that right’ I finally said enough is enough I was done with my work driving my life I started to take back bits of my life it started with working out in the AM so that I would at least do something for myself before the day got away from me. When I was laid off, it was a relief. I told myself that my former life couldn’t ever happen again.

Now fast forward — August 2011
I have been living a healthy lifestyle for many years. I typically workout 5-6 days/week, have a strict bed time, I cook my meals once a week and always have food with me. I have to say to you the I thought I felt great! About 9 months ago, I was introduced to new product line, by my friend and mentor Cathy. I started using these products and let me tell you I now sleep through the night, I wake up feeling refreshed before my alarm goes off (I get up most days at 5:30am) and I now power through my workouts. After using these products I now what feeling great really means.

What’s your story” If you could change anything about your health/wealth in the next 30 days what would it be’ leave me some comments below, I’d love to hear about it.


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