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Some of you sitting there reading this and thinking I am doing the same exact thing I was doing last year! You haven’t lost the weight, put on any muscle or taken any steps to achieve your fitness goals. If I’m wrong just leave me a comment below.

I ask you to look in the mirror and say NO MATTER WHAT I’M WILLING TO_________ to reach my  goals this year! I’m done making excuses!

How can you take action now to make 2012 better than 2011′ Sit down right now and write yourself a letter as though its your future self. I know it sounds corny, but writing down your goals clearly will help you achieve them. Don’t believe me’ In 1979 3% of all Harvard MBAs had clearly written goals, fast forward 10 years that 3% who had written goals were earning 10xs more than the 97% of their classmates that didn’t have clearly written goals. Makes you wonder don’t it!

When you write down your goals don’t think at all about the HOW. The how will reveal itself, but its the WHAT that you need to put out there.  Don’t be afraid to DREAM BIG!! Need some help dreaming’ I’m offer FREE 15 min goal setting appointments.  Just shoot me an email to schedule.


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