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This week I challenged myself to come up with 3 things that make me happy every day. I was speaking with one of my clients about this and the one thing that kept bubbling up to the top was me time.  I asked her how much ME time to does she have. She said this is it! There 168 hours in 1 week and she only give herself 2 hours with me. I’m flattered, but SERIOUSLY!! That is so SAD!

As I reflect on what makes me happy its ME TIME. I schedule something everyday that is all about ME. There are some many things that I do each day that are about other people, clients, my husband etc. That if I don’t take a few hours out of each day to devote to me I think I’d snap! So why is it that many people can’t seem to crave out some much need me time.  I get it, I use to be a workaholic and I could always come up with a reason to work a million hours. Then I got laid off and I came to realization no matter how hard I worked, I still was just a number on a spreadsheet. So… if that was the case, I should have a better balance in my life in my next career endeavor.

So why did it take getting laid off to get that through my thick head. And how do I impress on people the importance of me time. During my FORCED “me time” I started to think about a few things.

  • If I could come up with the 3 things that matters most
    1. my husband, after 15 years of being together, I still LOVE spending time with him, so we make sure that we schedule, yes we schedule time to spend together because we know that it won’t happen automatically.
    2. my health and fitness. Its not only my passion but who I am. I’d go crazy if I wasn’t able to workout, or do any activity that I planned to try
    3. travel — my husband and I love to travel and have a long list of places that we want to go
  • The other thing that I was to get rid of unnecessary activities. What does that mean’ I stopped doing things that I didn’t want to, I started removing the busy work and started to embrace relaxing and being comfortable with doing nothing.
  • Create private time and protect it. Just as a I said my husband and I scheduled time to spend together its scared. We don’t break our dates with each other.
  • Get help so that you can get more me time. I have a cleaning lady that comes 2x a month. This allows me and husband not to spend our weekends cleaning and scrubbing the floors well work the price of admission
  • Another schedule. Schedule in some fun. It doesn’t have to be this crazy thing. Just sitting on the couch watching a movie, doing a cross word puzzle and just taking a walk. Just schedule something that makes you happy.

This week’s challenge was awesome! Next week’s challenge is going to be a tough one. Because no matter how I’m feeling I’m suppose to put a smile on my face. I am charged with faking it until I make it happen. Given that I wear my heart on my sleeve and can get fired up because its Tuesday this is going to be a challenge, but I am up for it.

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