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Meal Planning 101: The Basics

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It seems like every home workout plan, nutrition guru, and dieting channel in social media sticks to one basic concept, meal planning. Wanna know why” Because it works!! So many of you will tell me that you can crush a workout all day everyday but your nutrition — not so much. The common denominator is to start getting into the habit of consistently meal prepping.  If you are new to meal prepping, here are a few things to know before implementing it into your routine for you or you and your family.

Start With a Master Food List

The first place to start with meal planning is with a master food list. These are the foods you like to eat, This master list will help you narrow down your recipes and get foods for your meal planning that work for you personally.

Consider Your Goal

Make sure you consider your goals with your meal planning. For example, you may be looking for a way to stop eating out so much during the week or spend less money on lunch. Planning your meals is also a great way to help you lose and/or maintain your weight.  When you menu plan you are less likely to have those days where you wonder WTF did you eat.

Menu Planning Basics

How many days do you need to cook, who’s going to home and what meals do you need to cook’  

This is the basics of menu planning. Remember, there is no set defined way of menu planning. The idea is to work with the diet you want, plan the meals, and make sure they work for you and your lifestyle. It may take a little time to get things on a solid track, but once they are you will find meal planning to be an easier route on many levels.

This week I challenge you to come up with a menu for the week. Click here to grab a meal prep planning guide


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