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Begin With The End In Mind

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When I worked in corporate the CEO of the company had us read

a bunch of books. One of the books wasStephen Covey’s The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People.  The main principle of the book is to begin with the end in mind. Where do you want to go’

The reason so many struggle when it comes to losing weight, getting healthier, making money, relationship is the lack of clarity!

Do you have clear goals’
What about accountability” You know someone who will check in with you to see how you are doing against your goals.
If you have clear goals do you focus on one thing or do you scatter your focus and try to get it all done as fast as possible.
What if there was a way to:
▶️  for you to stop giving a shit about the number on the scale and learn how to celebrate non scale victories
▶️  have the courage to break out of that spiral has kept you stuck so you can see what’s possible for you
▶️  escape feeling like you will never hit your goals
▶️  break free from calorie counting and gain the confidence that you will hit your goal
▶️  gain the confidence to accept your body no matter what it looks like
I created the program Body Freedom 21 Days To Your Best Self, because I wanted to help women just like you break free of all the bullshit. I know that the holidays aren’t about just staying away from the buffet and the candy canes.
It’s about feel better in your body. Feeling strong and confident that you can help your goals WHILE still having fun with your family. Not being that girl who is telling everyone about the latest diet you are on and listing all the foods that you can and can’t have. Let’s be honest no one gives a shit and neither do you.
What you want is FREEDOM!!! 
Freedom to chose 
Freedom to enjoy
Freedom to have a freaking life!! 

I’m giving that to you 21 Days To Body Freedom during our time together.

Over 21 days I will be providing you with ACCOUNTABILITY AND SUPPORT. I will be sharing with you daily tips, hacks and habits that will help you stay on track this holiday season and beyond. Imagine being supported and knowing that someone is looking over your shoulder. You are more likely to stay on task (or is that just me).

If you are done complaining about the woulda, coulda or shouldas. Sick of not following through.

Will you join me on Sunday, December 3rd” BTW for Black Friday you’ll save up to $200 based on the package the you choose. 

Now it’s your turn to decide. You can stay feeling you are just surviving and thriving. You are sick of not fitting into your clothes. You are sick of doing it on your own. Invite you to join me. 

PS  — This offer ends on Monday, November 27th 12 midnight!! 

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