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What Can You Do to Get Motivated Right Now’

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Right now I’d like to you to check in with yourself on your motivation levels.  Over the past week, month or year how has your motivation been’  And I’m talking to you specifically around your body, your life, your relationships or your business. ,Are you someone who’s really going for it and trying to build and create something that’s exciting that you will look back at say hey check me out’

As you know, any goal like this that’s big and requires effort. There will be some high points and exciting times and there are also going to be some low points, times where things don’t go as expected or don’t go as planned or you just personally are not connected to what you’re doing. It’s going to happen.

Feeling motivation all over again or re-motivating yourself, so to speak, doesn’t necessarily just happen by default, unless you’re one of these tiny percentage of people out there that are always motivated and on fire and passionate, the rest of us actually have to consciously do this.

 On this episode on Fab Fit TV, I will be giving you some strategies to help you feel motivated when you need it the most.
You’ll  walk away with one or two ideas that you can implement starting today so that any time you even notice your passion levels are dipping, you can implement one of these ideas, get back on track.  Please join me on Tuesday, July 25th.  Check back in the next 72 hours for show notes  and the replay.

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