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My 3 Kitchen Must Haves

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Air Fryer: For years my good friend Naomi RAVED about her air fryer and told me it would change my life. (yup insert eye roll) I told her I had too much shit on my counter tops and if I brought home one more appliance my husband would FREAK! Fast forward to Christmas to last year, my niece buys us one for Christmas. When your niece buys you something you gotta use it. 

And wow … totally worth it! Oh, wow what can’t a cook in this thing! I’ve cooked veggies, salmon is to die for and beef. The only thing I wouldn’t recommend this for is loose ground meat, but other than that what can’t you go in this thing!! Air Fryers are relatively inexpensive, so they definitely are a must-have!

Slow Cooker: Chances are, you have one of these kicking around, but if you don’t, definitely consider picking up one. When I moved out on my own my mom bought me a crock pot and at the time my 22-year-old self-rolled my eyes at her. She told it would be a game changer. Well it has been in fact the crock pot she gave me broke just last year and I have upgraded to a new fancy one that you can program the time and it will shut of and just keep the food warm. WHAT!!!!

If you meal prep, these will help you multitask big-time. You can even roast a chicken in a slow cooker while you’re using your stove/oven for other things!

Note: consider what you’ll be cooking before you buy a slow cooker, as they come in a variety of sizes. If you plan on roasting chickens or cooking in bulk/for a crowd, get a bigger cooker. Likewise, if you hate leftovers and mostly will be cooking for one or two, buy a smaller version.

** Yes, some will say instapot. For me instapot falls into the same category as an air fryer. Right now, my counter/cabinet space is of a premium I will need this to be a gift to potentially have me change my mind.

Vitamix : I’ve had this for YEARS! I love it because I can make shakes and not worry if I’m going to burn out the motor with not chopping up my stuff fine enough. I make soups as well as use it to stir batter for banana bread.

I’d love to hear what is your go to kitchen gadget, leave a comment below. 


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