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I am totally into this new Nike Ad campaign. It makes me think of a conversation I had with my coach when I first started doing fitness competitions.  It was the end of the season and I was little disappointment in how I placed throughout the year. I booked an appointment with my  coach to talk about the year and what I could in the off season to improve my placings for the next year.  She looked at me and said these simple words that ROCKED and CHANGED my world.  She said to me did you do all you could do’

What”’ you mean MY ACTIONS effect MY OUTCOMES‘ It’s not the workouts you planned for me that I may or not have done or the food I stuffed in my mouth knowing that I shouldn’t or the times I quit my cardio with just 5 min left.  You’re saying THAT ALL of those could have added up to my poor results at the show’  THAT’S CRAZY TALK you mean I CONTROL MY DESTINY! That is RIDICULOUS someone else must be to blame other than myself.

This took me a few weeks to come to Jesus on, but in that room at that moment, I said >YES< I did everything I could. But that as a BOLD FACE LIE! I think I needed the hairy eyeball to admit it out loud, but I did everything I wrote above. So, I didn’t do all I could do.

When you fail to reach a goal, can you look at yourself in the mirror and say I’ve done all that I could do, without blaming anyone other than yourself’ I’m talking hairy eyeball of truth.

This is why I identify with this campaign, it telling you that YOU CAN make yourself.  If Nike called you today, how would you fill in the blank’


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