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Stop Doing Shit You Hate

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I see it all the time, when I start working with clients, I ask why they haven’t hit their goals. Typically, one of the first things I hear is time. When I ask where are you spending your time. Many of you are spending your time doing shit you hate, saying yes when you should say no or doing something that could easily be delegated or simply not done!

We as women put so much pressure on ourselves. Pressure to be “the best” –the best Mom, employee, spouse, girlfriend, and friend, you name it. The mind-chatter can be deafening, is there room any other thoughts.

Here is where you and I talk about harmony. The band of your life is gets out of tune from time to time. Let me be the first to break it down for you, it’s hard to be “perfect” and live a full life. You aren’t present when your mind chatter is always yelling “coulda, woulda or shoulda”, as Susan Powter use to shout STOP THE INSANITY! Don’t know who she is GTS – google that shit. 😉

Harmony is the word I use instead of balance. Life will never really be balanced but we can start to fine tune band. It starts with setting your priorities and you can come pretty close to achieving a sense of balance.

As children we are taught to not say no. Unfortunately, this rarely transfers over to adulthood. One thing a mentor of mine told me early on as I was struggling with perfectionism, she said no is a complete sentence. I don’t need to go into a long dissertation as to why I’m not doing something. You
don’t need to be rude, but just say no I won’t be able to
Lastly if something isn’t a hell yes, then it’s a hell no!

Think right now what are some things you are doing that aren’t hell yeses.

Can you either stop doing it OR delegate it’

For ladies over 40 this is just one of the ways that has NOTHING to do with exercising more and eating less. If you want 9 more tips click right here. 



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