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All Or Nothing Gets You NOTHING!!

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Back in the day I was so guilty of this. I NEVER took a rest day. I always had to spend at least 30-45 minutes in the gym. I thought that if I took time off, my results would go away! When I traveled I’d scour the Internet to find
a place to workout. I was a tad obsessive. I was constantly worrying about the hours of missed workouts and it literally sucked all the fun of being in new surroundings.

I’m here to tell you that take rest could just be what your body needs. This is because if you’ve been training on
a consistent basis, taking some time off from intense workouts can be quite beneficial to your overall fitness and well-being.

One of the worst fears of fitness enthusiasts is that missing several workouts in a row will lead to significant muscle loss or an increase in body fat. Despite know that this wasn’t possible I was stuck in the mindset for years. Sure there may be some fitness related loses, but they do not happen overnight, nor do they happen in
2-3 days. Research proves that it takes up to 3 weeks of complete inactivity for the first signs of muscle loss. Now this means you aren’t doing anything thing straight up bed ridden! If you are pretty fit it will longer it will take to go completely out of shape than you think.

Rest does a body good. I’m hear to tell you that regular beast mode workouts r will take a toll on the body.
I know you’ll say to me that I’ve always worked out like that and it has never effective me before. I wasn’t a rest day person and I killed my metabolism and my adrenals.””

When I was first told to chill and not lift more than 2x/week and do leisure walking I was pissed and frustrated, but it was what my body needed to recover and increase my body’s energy levels.

Now rest and restoration is a primary focus. I need to at least 2 days where I do nothing but rest. I may go for a nice long walk around the Charles but I’m in complete chill mode. I do lift but my workout last no more than 30 minutes and combine strength and cardio.

A few years ago I traveled for 30 days. During that time I worked out I’d say about 2 times a week. During that time I walked a shit ton. I only put 2 pounds!!! ”” During this time, I didn’t diet. I focused solely on eating mindfully and working out when I had the opportunity. Each hotel didn’t have a place to workout and if it did I went for a long walk. I started each day with a good breakfast with fruits and proteins.

Without being stressed out about getting in my workout I was able to truly relax and enjoy this trip of a lifetime.

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