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Inner Circle Welcome

Let’s get started

Each month you will receive
2 workouts

I have added you to a special Facebook group. You will get a notification via Facebook. In will be in that group once a day to answer any and all questions.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How frequently is content published’ In this program you will be given monthly workouts. They will be published on the first Monday of the month.
  • Is it possible to book calls with you’ Yes, you can book calls with me. It’s an additional cost of $75 for a 45 minute phone call. Click here to book your appt. Once your appt is booked, click to for payment.

If you have any technical issues,  please shoot an email to squadleader@kimbarnesjefferson.com.

This program is month to month. You will be charged every month via pay pal until you cancel.

As a member bonus for everyone you refer to me, you will get an additional free month.


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