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Have ever been so overwhelmed that you asked yourself. Holy U*()J! how am ever going to get that ______________done!! That was me yesterday. Typically before a show I don’t freak or melt down, like I’ve seen other competitors, in fact I’m typically the person talking them off the ledge. Yesterday was my melt down! Boy was I on the ledge. So overwhelmed I couldn’t see the trees for the forest or whatever that expression is.  You know what I mean. You know that place that you get to where all you see Holy &FJ^!*.
Then I reached out for help.  My good friend Alison talked me in off the ledge!! I was so overwhelmed with show prep that I lost site of myself and the mantra that I always say. DO WHAT YOU CAN, YOU CAN’T DO IT ALL!

I now have 2 ½ weeks left to get ready for my show, so I’m doing what I can.  Freaking out isn’t going to do anything positive. So I’m stepping back and focusing on the things I can make a difference. My goal with this site is to become that resource so that we can share ideas not just on fitness, but in other areas of your life.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed’ Do you reach out and ask for help’ Do you use your resources and ask for help’

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