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Please Pass Me My Toolbox

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As we head into day 20 of the blog challenge I’m asked to find the tools that I will need to help me with make my vision of what Fab Fit Squad will become. Here are 3 tools that I will use:

  1. Leadpages — this will be a simple way to explain on one page what I’m offering clients.
  2. e-junkie — as I talked about in an earlier blog post, I told you I’d plan to offer information products. I’ve been wondering how to do it, so that once folks purchased the products I could easily let folks download it. This  product allows me to do just that.
  3. Virtual staff  — UNCLE!! Since 2010 I’ve been saying I was going to learn SEO for years and it’s just not something that comes easy for me. I’m putting out some really good stuff and I want folks to find me. So. I will need to find a resource that can help me with this project.

What are you working on’ What 3 tools will you need to put in your toolbox to make it work. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, we all need a helping hand from time to time.


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