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Why does it seem whenever we are starting to live a healthier life, we focus on the obstacles. Sure they may seem huge right now, but don’t let it stop you! You’re giving yourself a new chance at health and wellness. Ask yourself is this reason enough to make you stick with it.
Now at this time of year it can be a little challenge because temptation is around. The holidays give you a great excuse to fall off the wagon, splurge, or give up your diet all together, but fear not my lovelies, there are some great ways to avoid these holiday pitfalls.
Here are 5 Ways to Avoid Temptation and Stick to Your Diet
1️⃣Drink More Water: You have heard this but thirst can be confused with hunger. When you feel hungry grab a glass of cold water.
2️⃣ Make Healthy Swaps: Water isn’t always going to cut it. Instead of having fruit snacks with real fruit juice, how about you have an actual piece fruit that are just as sweet, have less sugar, and are hydrating. One of my favorites is to freeze Greek yogurt yummy and much better for you than those “low cal” healthy ice creams. You can add fruits and nuts for toppings.
3️⃣Eat Real Whole Foods: When you begin a healthy diet, you should begin cooking with whole foods. Trust me I not a fan of cooking but I find when you eat foods that come from the ground, fly, swim or you can pick from a tree or bush goes much further in changing your taste buds and helping your crush your cravings.
4️⃣It’s Okay To Have Treats: Going cold turkey is asking you to lose your shit! Practice moderation, let’s be honest to say you are never going to have a glass of wine or a cupcake in life is a big fat lie. But if you scale back on your fun foods and have them every now again, it will help you resist cravings.
5️⃣Do You Have Someone To Hold You Accountable’: Going it alone is not always a good idea. When you have someone who can keep you on track when temptations rear their ugly heads, you are less likely to go head first into an ice sundae. Your accountability buddy should be someone who you’re in regular contact with, who you feel comfortable talking to and spending time with, and someone who can be honest with you when you need them to be.
Take a look and pick on of these tips that seem the easiest to implement. The biggest take away I have for your is Just remember to have patience with yourself. You will have mess-ups, setbacks, and mistakes.
Want more” I’ve 12 fitness professionals the exact method that they use to cruise the holidays. 

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