To Women Who Want To Lose Weight But Can’t’ Get Started

Today, I am taking you behind the scenes today on what goes into coaching my magic makers!! If I am working with a client, how do I help you find your inner magic?  What are the steps?  It took me a while for myself to put it into words, but these are the same steps I took myself to come through to where I am today.  These are the steps ...
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Who else wants to balance their hormones naturally

How do you know if it is your hormone that is causing you to gain weight, vs. your food choices or your lifestyle?  Can it be a combination of both or is it one causing the other? In order to determine this, there are some things that you are going to need to do as well as changes you will have to make to see what is causing what!  How ...
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Fit Girl Magic podcast

What’s One Thing I Wish I Knew When I Started Working Out

Hey Magic Makers!  I rounded up a bunch of amazing freaking women (Kasey Jo Orvidas, Kim Ingleby, Tina Tang, Sarai White and Denise Wellik-Peterson) to give you today's blog! Do you want to know inside tips from women who have been in your shoes? Here is a TON of amazing information about what they wish they knew before they started working out!  And I am so hoping that by reading this, that it will ...
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Boost Your Habits With These Tips

At the end of the year, I think many of us get reflective. You start to think about the past year. And this year has been one doozy of a year, one of the things I have always said is that, and I learned this from my boyfriend, Tony Robbins, is that when you ask yourself better questions, you get better answers. Think many of us are getting really reflective ...
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Do You Want To Eat A More Plant Based Diet

I have had so many of you asking about veganism and asking me questions about it, so I decided I had to find someone on to talk about it with you guys! I try to keep up with my research but talking to someone who specializes in going plant based the best way to get you the information that you are asking about!  There is so much bullshit out there ...
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kim barnes jefferson

Are You Ready To Reset Your Wellness

How do you take a step back from everything that you are doing right now and reset our wellness? It only takes a few steps to do this and good news they aren’t that challenging!  Trust me!  Just a few simple changes a day can shift your entire perspective on what wellness means to you. A few podcasts back we talked about the 4 pillars of health and in order ...
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Are you tired of overeating? Do You want to find food freedom?

I am a firm believer in writing things down and making lists!  And I think that if you want anything in your life, then you need to make a list and be like, this is the shit that I want to come true!!  As most of you know, when I started my podcast, I made a list of the things I wanted to talk about and I’m so grateful that ...
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Don’t Just Sit There Start using these 4 Pillars Of Weight Loss

What exactly are the Pillars Of Weightloss?  What does it all boil down to? And where is it that you need to focus on in order to have the most success?  The mistake I find people making are trying to focus on ALL 4 things at once, instead of focusing on one at a time.  And when you focus on all at once, you tend to not see the results ...
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How To Do Self Care And Not Feel Guilty

Magic makers…. Since RONA hit, I have been really focused on SELF-CARE!  I think that all of us take a giant back seat and really began to evaluate what life really means to each of us, what life means for our family and what life means moving forward.  Self-care is always talked about, but are you really doing it?  Are you taking time for YOU to make you a better ...
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strength training myths women over 50 need to stop believing

Strength Training Myths Women Over 40 Need To Stop Believing

I am coming at you with another blog and podcast about STRENGTH TRAINING…. Yeah, can you tell that I am passionate about it and believe in it that much!?? Strength training is one of the most underutilized ways to boost metabolism and has soooo many misconceptions about it!  But what if I was to tell you that you could burn more calories than normal while at rest?  So much, so ...
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