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What Every Momma Needs To Know About Being An Empty Nester

Alice Agnello is a lifestyle and success coach for women in midlife. She focuses on women whose kids have left home and now they're struggling with trying to figure out their "What's next'" Alice helps them figure out their dreams and understand how to get from where they are now to where they want to go. Now that they've got all this time and they really don't know what to ...
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The Secret To Effortless Weightloss Revealed

We are all seeking the zone, today’s episode that space where dieting doesn’t exist. That place where you just know exactly, what to eat, how to workout. You got it all on lock!! Sound like a dream' On this episode, I share exactly the steps to make weight loss effortless. This episode walks through the importance of Starting with a plan Not letting temptations get the best of you The ...
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To Women Who Are Too Busy To Get Healthy

So many of us are seeking that zone, that sweet spot where dieting just doesn't exist, you just be. People talk about those magical unicorns where their houses are always clean and if they take a recipe off Pinterest it looks exactly the way it looks in the picture, those people; I'm not one of those people and I'm sure you're not one of those people either. But there is ...
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The Easiest Way to Create Lasting Habits

Habits. I hear so many people talk to me about habits, and they always say, "If I had better habits...", or "If I could create a habit...", and it's always about what could they create or something they can break. And so that's just the whole gist of this episode. How do you break free of habits and how do you create habits, because maybe you have a habit but ...
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Discover The Secrets To Healing Metabolic Damage

This conversation between Coach Kim Barnes Jefferson and Natalie Newhart is one that will hopefully inspire you to let go of the habit of overtraining and if you feel like it's something that you want to stop doing but just don't know how. This conversation will help you understand how you can turn it around and have the healthy life you desire. Their conversation will show you: How Natalie got ...
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Whatever Women Ought To Know About Moderation

v@JiL7j&NN&PwcMlbLJB$SemModeration is about finding your sweet spot. The place where you don't feel like you are ever "dieting". I know for many women that feels like a pipe dream. Some women believe that "Moderation is not for everyone. I've tried to get to moderation and somehow I find a way to f*ck it up and then fall back to that binge-restrict cycle, I'm back to my rules, because my rules ...
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