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Portioning and Why It’s Important

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One of the most important parts of losing weight and maintaining a healthy blood sugar is the proper management of your diet, but just watching what you eat isn’t enough. Making sure that you’re properly portioning your meals and snacks is just as important as what you’re eating for them.

Take your whole meals and dividing them up into healthy portions that you can eat so it easily fits into your meal or diet plan. Portioning is an important, some might even say the core part of any weight loss or diet plan because measuring your food intake and balancing that with exercise are the basics of dieting.

The easiest way to deal with portioning is to simply look at serving sizes for what you’re eating. Anything that comes out of a box or package already comes labelled with its own facts for each serving size portion you consume. Depending on your daily requirements, it can be a simple task of just adding up everything you eat or are planning to eat ahead of time and making sure that all of your numbers line up properly.

When cooking from scratch it may be helpful to use a food scale so you can accurately track what you’re putting into the meal.

On the plus side, however, once you have a good idea (and you can make it even easier by keeping a list or cheat sheet of common food facts in your kitchen!) of your portions and nutritional facts for the things you cook often then portioning becomes a snap! You can cook up a whole pot of soup and put it into portioned freezer containers to eat later for meals. The same goes for whole meals, just break them up into their individual portions during or after they’re cooked and freeze or refrigerate them until you’re ready to eat! Not only is this a great, healthy way to have your meals ready but it can save you a ton of cooking time, too!

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